Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sunny Again

Late getting up, decided we needed a wee lie in this morning, sun was out so laundry out on the line and it has dried.

We went round the garden and inspected the damage, lots of pants trampled on and great lumps of clay chucked against the gravel boards. DB dug out several companulas and a root of pulminarea, potted them up.

Was just about to make some tea when DB said he had a dizzy so up to bed he went.

DD2 and DGD arrived and we set to after a cuppa to change all the curtains whilst DD packed all the glasses from the dresser and also the shelf unit in the sitting room, so quite a bit achieved this morning. DB was down for lunch.

I made vegetable soup using up stuff from the fridge and some soup mix I had soaked overnight. I had also made a cheese cake and some blackberry coulis for dessert. Loaf of bread put on for later.

Took DD home, dropped DGD in town. Cillected the new TV table from Tesco and caught up on some of the shopping I need to see us through the next few days.

Cup of tea at DD's and then home. fetched in the dry laundry and folded it, sat down to watch the rugby.

Liver and bacon for supper with mash, carrots and cauli, no dessert for a change.

The house is beginning to look like a junk shop, its not going to get much better over the next few days, so I will just have to close my eyes to it.


  1. It will all be worth it when you get to your new home. It looks much more you and Edwin and then you will be able to get things sorted.

    Take care



  2. Cheers for all that was accomplished today to ready more of your possessions and the apartment for your move and cheers for your helpers!! You're so right that closing your eyes to the mess is all you can do for the time being. Soon, boxes and small pieces of furniture will go out the door a few at a time and things will look less messy and more bare. But, as someone recently wrote, in only two weeks you're have most of your belongings unpacked, sorted, and your new home will begin to look lovely!

    Am glad more of the plants could be salvaged from the mess left by the trolls who trod on them.

    Bother about the dd and hope this isn't the start of a string of them.

    Perhaps you and DB would benefit from a nightly glass of wine for the duration of the upheaval?


  3. You may have answered this before but if not, how do you make your blackberry coulis? Your new place is SO beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of it after you've settled in. Hope the rest of the packing and the move go well!


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