Monday, 24 February 2014


I am trying to save some of the time I paid for on the internet so did not post today. Sunday. I will post it on Monday.

We both woke early thanks to the light streaming in through the thin curtains, we eventually got up around 8.30.

We went on a fools errand to try and find the chap with the pine furniture, no joy at all, so we then went to try and find some shelf paper for the airing cupboard shelves, ended up getting some stuff from Poundland, we will have to use drawing pins to anchor it to the shelves but it will do. Then tried to get a filter for the extractor in the kitchen, no luck there either, so we came home.

Yesterday I made a large pot of scotch broth, there was enough left for lunch today. We were not hungry last night so I did not cook the liver and bacon we are going to have it tonight and finish off the cheese cake with blackberry coulis for dessert.

I finished the jumpers I have made 6 now I need to sew 4 of them up and darn in the ends. Next time I go to see cotton reel I will take them with me.


  1. I hope you are not putting shelving paper and a new extractor filter in the house you are leaving!! Well done on knitting all those jumpers. Some kiddies will be delighted.

    Take care, and try and not to overdo things in the next week or two. You will need all your strength setting up your new home. Good luck on the move.

  2. When you are settled in the new place, send me your address. I have a special package to send to you.

  3. Well done on the knitting. I would do charity knitting but the postage is too expensive for me.
    Sorry you had a lost errand on the pine furniture.

  4. What a bother to not find what your were looking for when out on those errands. It does make for unwelcome frustration.

    As messy and dirty as that apartment was when you arrived, I agree that the shelf paper and new filter should go to your new home!

    I'm off on some errands today, too, and am glad its a pretty day here.


  5. I don't know if it's any help but we get our extractor fan filters from the Bettaware catalogue. If you have a distributor near you, they come through quite quickly after ordering.


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