Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soggier Sunday

It was raining again when we got up, but now the sun is out, a few heavy clouds, not sure if its going to rain again.

I have laundry but I am holding off doing it, tomorrow is bed change and I need to get that stuff dry.

We had a lie in this morning, we were up early yesterday, wanted to catch the 10am bus and it takes us a while to get going these days.

My friend cotton reel persuaded me to knit some jumpers for a charity that send them to Africa, I managed to knit one and a good bit of another one yesterday. I will put a photo up when they are finished.

Thinking about packing stuff up, we will take the stuff not needed from the kitchen and sewing room first. DB is going through paper work and getting rid of what we no longer needed, he has a lot of rubbish believe me, not that I am exempt either, I need to have a clear out. I asked DB to clear out his sock drawer, I keep finding the same socks in the wash week after week, so why is he holding on to a drawer full?? I need to get some banana boxes for the books and glasses, they are easier to carry. Books will have to be stacked on the floor until we get the book cases there. My mind is whirling......

We might have a run to Wymeswold after lunch, there is a shop there that sells reclaimed pine......

Supper tonight roast chicken with all the trimmings, not sure about a dessert, it might be fruit and cream, or fruit in jelly.


  1. I emptied a drawer of old paperwork and after putting it through the shredder I have 2 black bags full to go into the compost bins. I am also guilty on the sock front, a drwer full and the same few pairs get worn to death.

  2. I can just imagine how your mind is whirling with thoughts, plans, and mental notes on what not to forget! Bless your heart and other parts!

    We use boxes from the liquor store for books when moving house. They, too, are a manageable size and are usually not too heavy when filled with books. The boxes with cardboard dividers are good for glassware that doesn't need to carefully wrapped.

    What will you use the reclaimed pine for?

    I look forward to seeing your knitted jumpers. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make a few small quilted projects to have them ready to hand stitch between now and when your sewing area is set up in the new house? I remember making a smallish quilt soon after arriving here and finding the box of my fabric scraps because I really, really needed to sew.

    Your dinner menu sounds yummy, I never tired of chicken.

    It's cold and overcast here. Rain is possible.



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