Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rain Again....sigh...........

Its raining yet again, keeping an eye on the water flowing down from the field and under the foundations, no idea where its going from there.

My heart goes out to the people who are flooded out and who may not get back into their homes for more than a year. I know there are some people whose homes have been so badly damaged they will never go back, its heartbreaking.

I thought we had a valuer coming this morning from the removers, wrong!! its tomorrow. We have viewers just after 11am. and the chap coming to put a new seal on the washer after lunch, so I set to and prepared the cauli and calebrese gratin and tomato, celery and cucumber salad. Will put a jacket spud in the remoska later.

Not sleeping well, so much going round in my mind just now, trying to sort out what to take first. I have done a menu list for the week we leave and the first week we have the keys so I know what can go from the cupboards. I need to go up into the attic and sort out whats in there. The biggest problem is the box for my machine. The outer case folds flat and can go behind a wardrobe or under a bed, but the actual case the machine goes in s a different matter. I have taken the embroidery unit off for now and its in its case. I also want to see if I can get all my stuff onto the two big book shelves, leaving the smaller one free. Agggghhhhhh............

I have yesterdays laundry to iron, may do that after lunch, on the other hand I might just read, I have a book to go back to the mobile library tomorrow.

DB is itching to get into the garden and remove the plants we want to take, he has an apple tree that needs to come out and I want to see if I can find the giant lily bulb I put in last year, it cost me £5, sorry but I am not leaving that.

Supper tonight is the gratin, not sure what we are having for dessert, maybe fruit.

Breaking News.....

Just had the agents on the phone, we are off to collect the offer letter, so we will be moving on 7th March. This house has been taken off the rental market, the LL is going to move back in!!!


  1. I think your LL is a little potty!!!! Could you not pack your sewing machine in it's box and leave in a corner somewhere? If you're moving on the 7th it won't be there long! No wonder you can't sleep, you must be in panic mode!!! Definitely don't leave any of your lovely plants for the LL to enjoy!!!!!! Think positive, you will be settled by this time next month! Don't work too hard and make yourself bad. X

  2. Mercy! I can just imagine all the thoughts of packing, where things will go, and such are bumping into each other in your brain. Can you put a notepad by the bed so nighttime ideas can be jotted done, thereby leaving your head? When do you get the new keys so you can begin moving things to your new home?

    I agree you and DB should take every single plant you can to your new flower beds! Perhaps that giant lily bulb will poke it's springtime shoots up to make its location known? Wonder how LL would like only a slow growing hedge between his garden and the neighbors or to step in mud just off the patio???

    Hang in there, this move will be so worth the bother!


  3. Your LL knows his house will be left in the cleanest state he has ever had, so not surprised he wants to move in. Glad the estimate for the removals was good and that you know you can move on 7th March. Perhaps you could pack your sewing machine into your caravan, plus any other stuff you don't want hanging around. It will all come together in the end. Good Luck.


  4. Fantastic news about your moving date, and also that the LL is moving back in; means you won't have loads of viewers traipsing in and out.


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