Thursday, 6 February 2014

Planning day

I had to have a quick trip into Melton with DGS's birthday card. By the time I got back DS2 was here, so a quick cuppa and then we took our bed to bits, moved it, hoovered the floor, bed base and mattress and put is all back. I was surprised how little dust there was under the bed, found a couple of things DB lost but that was it. He also took the wall unit down in the sewing room for me. I have to fill the holes and put a dob of paint on.

We also sorted out when DS could come over and give us a hand taking stuff down and then helping us at the other end. This time it will just be furniture, washer and fridge freezer going, all of the stuff we can move we will, including all my sewing room.

Bacon rolls for lunch, I have sausages out for supper, so sausage mash and the rest of the beans from Monday. Banana and cream for dessert.

We have a remover coming this afternoon to give us a quote and also someone coming to view the house, so a quick shoofty round to make sure its looking at its best.

I did sleep better last night, DB went to bed with palps, but they had gone this morning.


  1. How nice that your son is so handy for helping you with your removals. Hopefully it won't be as expensive as your last move.
    Thanks for reminding me to take some sausages out for our dinner tonight!! We are having bacon,sausage, egg and beans tonight, as long as the sausages thaw!!
    I'm quite sure whoever is coming to view the house will be delighted. Wonder if they realise the LL has upped his rent.


  2. Cheers that a pair of willing, helpful hands are available to make the coming packing, move, and settling in a bit easier!! Applause for DS2 and all others like him!! Will you take your lovely plants with you?

    Hope the remover will give you a reasonable quote so that will be one more issue out of the way.

    It's sunny and cold here but it is lovely to have a heated sewing room again!



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