Monday, 10 February 2014

Now We Have Frost

Woke up this morning to frost.......I stripped the bed and once the washer had finished put the bed linen on the whirly, the ground was crunching under my feet. I need to fetch it in later before we go out, just in case...

Monday clean done, also made a pot of soup for lunch and started the chicken casserole for supper, it will just need re-heating when we get in tonight.

DB has to collect his palpitation monitor this afternoon.

We have another set of viewers coming tomorrow and I also have a chap coming to fit a new seal on the washer. I was shocked at the amount of mould on the rubber, I think I will have to go back to using washing soda. The estimate was £120 a new machine would be a couple of hundred more, so I think its worth getting the seal done, the machine is 5 years old but still working perfectly.

Supper tonight is chicken casserole, carrots, cauli and mash. Banana fritters for dessert. 


  1. What crazy weather! We may have snow later today and Wednesday and it is plenty cold today, too.

    I hope DB's monitor will catch an episode of the palpitations so the doctor can get a picture of what is happening and decide on an effective and easy treatment.

    Getting the seal replaced on your good washer makes much more sense than getting a new machine. I need to have a good scrub at the washer seal here, too. It's the first front loading machine I've ever had and it does take more care to keep it clean.

    We were up early as the folks delivering our new heat pump were due at 7:30a but they didn't arrive until 8a. They will also take a part of the heating unit to the attic. Later today or tomorrow an electrician will come to wire it all in and check for proper wiring where the water heater will be put on Thursday. May I come stay with you while all this is going on? I'll help pack or do whatever you need me to do! You can come stay with me on your moving day. Okay?


  2. Thought of you last night when I saw the Bridge house on Countryfile xxx


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