Saturday, 15 February 2014

Late up this morning, shattered. After breakfast DB loaded up the car with stuff for the tip and also the wood for DD2. We called on the way home, had a cuppa and then dropped DD2 at Sainsbury as we came home.

Bacon sarnies for lunch yum yum.

Not much done this afternoon except list some stuff on Ebay, quite a few watches already, hope they transmit into a sale, could do with the dosh.

It was fine this morning, started to rain and is now chucking it down again, am hoping to get laundry dry tomorrow we are promised a window in the rain....fingers crossed.

No packing or anything else done, did have a spat with DB over an unwashed frying pan, its now washed and put away. Did manage to do the ironing from Monday so thats put away, need to change over the duvet, we still have the summer weight one on, its very old, thinking of binning it or maybe put it on freecycle, would be ok for someone wanting to make dogs or cats beds. I will get a new lightweight on from Dunelm in the summer sale.

Herb fritatta an salad for supper the last banana for dessert with some custard, might make a lemon sponge tomorrow, will see hoe I feel in the morning.


  1. Hope your energy level has improved with some restful reading, napping, or other calm, feet up time.

    Fingers crossed for some breezy sunshine for you so the laundry can be washed and dried. A mutual friend said they'd had so much rain that their laundry was drying indoors and her home looked like a Chinese laundry! I can relate to that. We've had rain this morning but it's still cold and some snow remains.

    We're enjoying our flannel sheets on these cold nights. If you don't have any, I recommend getting a set.

    Good luck on having lots of bidders and buyers on eBay!

    Your lemon sponge cake plans have my brain in gear as that would be delicious here, too.

    I hope to sew 4 simple blocks today and there is no good reason I cannot accomplish that - except running out of energy, of course.


  2. I also have the washing machine in over-drive, doing all the washing tonight in the hopes I can hang it out tomorrow morning too!! Had one very heavy shower this afternoon, full works with hail, but the wind did seem to ease after that and it is chilly and clear out there now. (I know because I had to swop the cars over for No.2 son to go out gallivanting!!!) Glad you won over the frying pan!! Mine will very occasionally wash up, but NEVER puts anything away! Drives me batty, his answer is that he doesn't know where it goes!! We've only been in this house 18yrs!! How long does it take!!!! Here's hoping for a good drying day tomorrow!


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