Saturday, 8 February 2014

Its was fine but windy this morning so I put a load in the washer to hang out, it should dry a bit and I can finish it off on the airer.

Decent night last night. DB was asleep before me so no moans about the light being on whilst I was reading.

Trip into town, had some papers to take in the the agents, books to return to the library and stuff for the charity shop, also wanted to pick up a new Argos catalogue, so a quick trip on the bus.

Gosh it was cold, the wind was something else. It was National Library Day so we stopped for coffee and biscuits, DD2 came in whilst we were there to change a book.

Home again, the laundry was dry and the whirly was at an angle, so I fetched it in before the whirly tipped over and landed my laundry in the sea of mud that is the grass.

DB watching the rugby, I sat knitting for a change.

Supper tonight liver and bacon with mash, cauli, carrots and calebrese. Banana for dessert.

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  1. Cheers for all you accomplished today and that the whirly didn't fall over before you got to it! Will your new home have an airer?

    We watched to opening ceremony for the Olympics and hope all is peaceful and honorable for the duration of the games.

    It's a bit overcast and definitely chilly here and we may have snow or ice tonight. Hope it's snow or rain and not ice! I need to run the errands I didn't do yesterday but hope to hear from AMIL first.

    Just now I'm waiting for inspiration to strike so I remember where I put a small booklet of Huck towel patterns that belonged to my mother. So far, it was not in the several places I looked. Bother!



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