Friday, 14 February 2014

Its raining ......Again!!

It was dry but very dull when I opened the curtains. DB had said if there was a window when it was fine he would go out and lift the plants, so this morning he did. I went out and put canes by all the plants I wanted to take and they are now all in pots waiting on the deck.

I started the Friday clean by switching off the fuse to the lights and cleaning the light fittings in the dining room and kitchen, there one in the kitchen was not very nice, but its done and all clean again now. I also damp mopped the sitting and dining room floors as I had been coming in and out through the french doors, the dining room floor was looking a bit grubby. I need to do the kitchen but decided to have a cuppa and relax for a few minutes before I go through and tackle that.

It is now raining again.......aaarrgggghhhh we should all have webbed feet.

Expecting a courier to pick up a parcel and also the chap to put the new seal on the washer after lunch.

As I expected DB did not sleep after his 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon, so we were drinking tea at 1am. No siesta for him this afternoon. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight too.

Change for supper tonight, fish cakes and potato wedges.......felt like a change, possibly baked bananas for dessert. We finished off the bread and butter pudding last night.


  1. I hope you'll have a pleasant arvo after the repairman leaves your washing machine in perfect order again.

    We were up at 7:15a for the delivery and installation of our new water heater so I feel like I've been hit by a mac truck. The huge delivery van also messed up our lovely pristine snow. Think we have about 10" after all that fell for hours late yesterday. Warming temperatures today should melt most of it into mud.

    Wishing you sweet dreams tonight!


  2. Glad you have to plants re-potted, one less job to do. Has been raining all day here and the wind this evening has been horrendous and quite frightening. Sons' went into town and said the roof tiles have all blown off the library, a lot of trees down locally, hope my greenhouse is still standing. Wood burner stoked up and I'm going knitting!! Hope you manage to sleep tonight!


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