Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Its not supposed to rain!!

Up and stripped the bed and into the washer so I could hang the laundry out before we went out. We caught the bus and by the time we got into town it was starting to rain....forecast was no rain for us, so what happened.

Changed our books and went to the opticians to change our address and then onto the market for some potato's.

We walked down to the local pine shop, there were a couple of things we liked but I have to measure the height of the ceiling to see if we can get one of them in.

Back home on the bus, it had stopped raining and the wind had got up a bit, maybe the washing will dry a bit after all. It will have to go on the airer when I fetch it in.

We are starting to pull things together ready for the move, we will take one load on Thursday when we get the keys and unpack it. DB has an appointment in Leicester late Thursday afternoon, so we will take another load and just drop it ready to unpack it on Friday morning.

DD2 has just sent me a text to say that DGD has got an apprenticeship with our local council, she has been working there on work experience, she went for an interview this morning and is starting tomorrow. DD2 will be relieved, she has been supporting DGD  for the last 3 years.

I am planning to read ths afternoon, need to conserve my energy.

Supper tonight, grilled gammon, jacket spud, tomato and celery salad, bananas with something.......


  1. How exciting to be getting so close to actually getting the new keys and taking things to your new home!! Hope the weather plays nice for all the days when you hope to transport things. Won't it be fun to have a new pine piece? Hope it fits where you want it to go!

    Cheers for DGD's new job!

    Our cold weather is due to return tonight and now it's just 30*F, so below freezing. I have one non-essential errand I'd like to run but have a headache so time will tell.


  2. Good luck with your move, you are very organised and your new home looks lovely. I wish you all the best.
    I enjoy your posts each day, please keep letting us know how you are getting on.
    Pam in TX. xxx

  3. Glad everything seems under control for the move, won't be long before you are all settled. Pleased to hear DGD now has a job, it is such a worry for the youngsters today. We always seemed to get a job where one of our parents worked and it was for life if needed! Feeling sorry for myself tonight, shut my finger in the car boot, heaven's knows how!! But it is bloody and sore!! (or should I just say bloody sore!!!) Worse bit is it's my sewing hand!!!! Hey ho!!!


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