Friday, 7 February 2014

It has poured with rain all night, we can actually see the water flowing down from the top of the garden and pooling in the bottom flower bed. We are getting out of this house at just the right time.......I just pray we do not get flooded in the next 3 weeks.

Trip day today, need a few things from Aldi, veg, eggs and a toasting loaf. Then on to see DD2 and from there to my friend cotton reel for tea and a chat.

Fish and chips for supper tonight, banana for dessert.


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, so to speak. I do hope that your move goes smoothly. Fish and Chips sounds good but having been greedy all week I feel a salad coming on, or maybe homemade soup.

  2. I think you are right, getting out at the right time. Is your new flat on higher ground? Hope when you move you find some really good neighbours too. Do hope DB managed to get some of your precious plants dug up and re potted for the move. Lets hope there is somewhere for your lovely new clematis plants to climb, so that you can benefit from them.
    Hope you have enjoyed your day visiting your friend, having a chat and telling her all about your forthcoming move. Have a good and dry weekend.


  3. I join in your hope that your home stays dry until you're outta there - and afterwards, too. Wishing you many dry and pleasant days between now and the move so you can accomplish all you need to without rain, sleet, ice, or snow slowing things down. In these intervening 3 weeks will you and DB move anything to the new place or do you take possession in 3 weeks so will begin to move house after that date?

    How delightful to get to see cottonreel today and to set the world to rights in her pleasant company!


  4. Goodness, I don't pop in for a few days and then when I come back, it is all change! How exciting for you - I hope that the move goes smoothly - the new apartment looks lovely. Well done on finding such a splendid new place to live xxx


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