Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I Don't Believe It....Another Sunny Day

Did not sleep too well last night again, woke just after 1am, it was 5am the last time I looked at the clock, too much buzzing round in my head just now.......DB slept like a log, part of the problem keeping me awake was him snoring!!

Another sunny day, the living room is quite  warm from the sun coming in through the window. The wind is very cold so from inside its quite deceptive, coats, hats and scarves required.

Our inspection has been done, all very ok, agent said he wished all properties were like ours. Its in better condition now than when we took it on.

Pot of lentil soup made for lunch, this is going to be a frugal as I can make it month, so living out of the cupboards and freezer.

Out with DD2 this afternoon, need to sort out 2 birthday cards for DGS and SIL1. Both have birthdays within the next few days.

Supper tonight poached salmon and salad. I am not keen on hot salmon so cooked it in some white wine and lemon juice, will chill it in the fridge once its cooled. Last of the apple and blackberry sponge for dessert tonight. Will have to dream up something else for tomorrow.



  1. Not surprised the agent was delighted with the house. You put me to shame with the amount of cleaning and washing that you do weekly. Perhaps you will have a better night's sleep tonight. Glad you are having some sunshine and not that dreaded rain. Still looks horrendous down South.
    Off to prepare our dinner of Cottage pie now.


  2. Congratulations on pleasing your current LL with the improvements you and DB have made inside and outside your home in the last year! You and he have always made each of your homes better whilst you lived in them! Hope LL saw the muddy mess you must deal with in getting to the whirly and will now allow a few pavers to be put down to save your shoes.

    We're living out of the cupboards and the freezer this month, too.

    Sunny and cold here and last night we noticed the upstairs is getting really chilly, too. Good thing the repairmen are coming again tomorrow.

    Hope you sleep well tonight.


  3. I'm like you and lay awake for hours listening to DH snoring beside me with my mind whirring from all the ideas swirling around in it. Glad the inspection went ok. I'm so plaesed we own this house and I have no one but the family to inspect my handiwork because I'm sure I wouldn't pass outside scrutiny.

  4. I had the same problem Ladies, with Hubby snoring, so moved out - into another bedroom that is. We both now get a decent night's sleep, although I can still hear him snoring through the wall!

  5. I find a swift sharp kick usually stops him from snoring.......Only joking! No I give him a shake and say do you know that you're snoring dearest - won't repeat the answer I get........perhaps I should revert to a kick in the shins! xxx (only joking)


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