Friday, 28 February 2014


Today is our wedding anniversary 17 years ago today we were married at Musselburgh, spent our honeymoon in Harrogate courtesy of the NTS on a working weekend.

Yesterdays trip to the hospital was a bit of a waste of time. Our GP has not had the common courtesy to answer the questions DB's consultant asked for. We have to go back in 3 months and hopefully he will have all the info he needs.

We met with the chap at the pine shop and came away with something in mind, it was reduced but I asked for a best price and we have settled, so shortly this will be delivered to our new home to go in the hall.

Two trips today, DB is loading the car as I write, we will come back for lunch and a rest and then empty the china out of the dresser, take it to bits and take it to the house for DD2 to put everything back in tomorrow. DGD can help me put up the curtains in the two bedrooms amongst other things. DB will stay here DS2 is coming to take my wardrobe to bits. I must remember to take the stuff out of it tonight and put it all on the bed.

Have just discovered my niece from my first marriage is emigrating to Aus today, good luck to her and her family, its got to be better weather than we have here at the moment.

Better go want to make sure everything I want is in the car.

Cheers for now............


Thats us finished for today 2 loads taken including the bottom of the dresser and all the glassware. The top of the dresser and the rest of the china from the dresser is in the car along with the contents of the airing cupboard some of which will go in the new chest when it arrives.

I decided not to make turkey pie but chopped up an onion, put it in a bowl with the turkey bits and a couple of large spoons of mayo, salt and pepper,mixed it all up, will make a salad and do some potato wedges. Banana for dessert.

Our landlady came in whilst we were there to look at the french doors which will not close properly and also a window in the single bedroom, I think the wood has swollen with all the rain we have had,eventually they will shrink back. She replaced a light bulb in the pantry, so we now have light on the subject. Our neighbours upstairs move in on Tuesday so the whole house will be full again.

As its our anniversary we are going to open a bottle of bucks fizz and drink to the next 17 years (God help me LOL) and our new home.

Just now I am going to put my feet up for half an hour and maybe have a snooze.


  1. Sorry to hear the hospital trip wasn't productive, but happy anniversary! Much of my mum's family married in Musselburgh - it's a small world!

  2. Love your new pine chest. Should look stunning in your hall. You really have got all your family involved in this move, which is fantastic.
    Sorry you didn't get the answers you were wanting from the hospital. Not very encouraging. Good luck for the rest of your move, and CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary today. Perhaps tonight, you can both sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy a nice glass of wine or two.


  3. Happy Anniversary to you and DB!!! You two can celebrate when things are more settled or perhaps some wine tonight?

    I'm sorry to hear that your doctor dropped the ball in getting the needed information to yesterday's doctor. Bother!

    As tiring as this move it, you've done well in planning it in well organized stages. Your new pine chest is beautiful and perhaps it will have a lovely quilt hanging over it in its new home! Your wall shelves would look nice above it, too. Choices!

    Remember to take the stand the whirly goes into!


  4. Enjoyed the update - ta for taking the time to write again! What a nice change to have a LL who pays prompt attention to the little problems that crop up.

    How marvelous it will be tomorrow evening to see your china cabinet in its new home and your lovely glassware inside it as well as having your curtains up. Those touches will really make your new place begin to look like home. Sweet!

    How wise of you to make an easy dinner for tonight. Might I suggest an aspirin before going to bed?

    You and DB deserve a toast! Cheers!


  5. Good luck in your new home. When is your 1st sleep night there.
    Love your chest that's going in the hall.

  6. Love the new dresser. A big pine furniture fan here. The new place is gorgeous!
    And! Happy Anniversary. :)

    Jake's a Girl

  7. I am another Pine fan all my furniture is pine:) I love the chest for the hall.Happy Anniversary enjoy the Bucks fizz:)

  8. I love your pine chest of drawers! Will look great in your new abode. Glad you seemed to have got on well today, was thinking of you as I watched the rain pour down outside AGAIN!!! Your new LL seems more on the ball than your last unhelpful one!! Happy Anniversary to you both, enjoy your Bucks Fizz!!

  9. Love that pine furniture, I wish you all the best in your new home. And Happy 17th Anniversary.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you're really going to enjoy your new place!

  11. Happy Anniversary Anne & OH. Hope the move goes smoothly

  12. OMG Anne - I'm so happy I've found you again!! When I saw your comment today I had no idea it was you - I clicked on Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes but this blog doesn't open. I somehow sleuthed my way through other peoples' comments and eventually came across this one after googling several sites! When I read your comment and you'd mentioned E's name I just knew it had to be you.

    Anyway, the big surprise is of course that you are moving house again. This one looks really super, inside and out, and I hope so much it all works out well for you and you will be settled for ever. Can't wait to see those delicious English suppers coming from that stove - I've so missed hearing 'what's cooking' each day.

    Hope your move goes smoothly - don't do any heavy lifting. Tell OH I said hello - best to you both - glad I can keep up with you again - I joined as a Follower so I won't miss your posts.

    A very belated Happy New Year - may it be a good one for us all.
    Big hugs - Mary

  13. Happy Anniversary. I love the pine dresser. Continued good wishes for your move.

  14. Everything is lovely, I am very happy for you.
    All good wishes in your new home. Thank you for updating us, looking forward to the coming days and sharing the settling in process with you and DB.
    Pam in TX.xx

  15. Happy Anniversary to you. Hope the rest of the move goes smoothly. Your new place looks really nice and roomy. Looking forward to more pictures.

  16. I stopped buying pine furniture, it marks so easily as it's a softwood. I find solid oak is better although of course pine is much cheaper.

  17. Actually I like the dings you get on pine, it gives it character and sows its being used as intended. Pristine wood is not my way at all.


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