Wednesday, 19 February 2014

HHmmmmmmm looks like rain.

Everything is down out of the attic, all thats left in there are the supports our LL gave us which we have never used.

There was quite a bit in there, so its dotted about in various places round the house. I need to find somewhere to store 15 photo albums, boy were they heavy. Found the curtains that were up here when we moved in, they will be going back up on Saturday when DD2 is here. I then have to decide what to do with two pairs of celeadon green velvet curtains, one short pair and one long pair. I also have a bone china tea set that really needs to go, I have had it for years and think its only been used once or may be twice. Might try it at the boot fair.

DB went for his blood test this morning, its gone up again so he has to go back in 2 weeks. He is outside sorting pots etc out to go with us. We have 2 large pots to move down from the top of the garden, the grass is too wet to use the trolley.

Cooked pork and beans for tonights supper, we have bananas so a dollop of ice cream me thinks, that will be dessert.. I am waiting for an AF delivery, should come tomorrow. A week tomorrow we get the keys.........There is stuff everywhere, as usual I am suffering, I hate mess with a passion, but at least I know it will gradually disappear over the next 2 weeks.

Finished another of the newspaper babies jumpers and started a yellow one, change from blue and red.

Rant coming on.....

Why do men have to do the opposite of what you want. We had discussed moving two large ceramic pots of hostas from the top of the garden. I suggested we wait for the grass to dry out a bit before we took the trolley up to move them.

I was up to my eyes in the kitchen when a voice called ' are you busy?' When I went through DB had taken the trolley up the garden and wanted me to go and help him lift the pots onto it.......I was not happy, however I went with him and moved the pots, as we wheeled the trolley across the grass it left deep grooves......I bit my tongue and did not say a word. I could have said plenty believe you me!!

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  1. So glad to hear that your attic adventure is over and that you and your stuff are safely down from there. Yes, the pile of boxes that grow before moving house do become a bit of a misery for those who are tidy housekeepers like you are. There are only so many out of view locations where those boxes can be tucked. Sigh!

    I hear you in wondering what on earth the menfolk can be thinking sometimes - or is it not thinking?! Rant on!

    Dinner sounds yummy!

    We're back from the medical appt., AMIL has the Holter 24 hour monitor on until noon tomorrow, and I am tired. The rain kindly stopped so we could get there and back again without getting drenched.



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