Thursday, 20 February 2014


Sky in their infinite wisdom decided to cut off our internet and telephone this morning 2 weeks earlier than I asked for. We spent over an hour on the phone and all we got was 'sorry but you will have to reapply it will take 10 days and you will have to sign up for a year'!!! My language was ripe to say the least.

I have signed on with a BT hot spot in an effort to keep in touch, but if I do not post do not worry, once I get back on line I will publish what we have been doing most days.

Tis afternoon I had to go into the town to drop some stuff off and also let DD2 know whats going on.

Its been a fine day, but we have just had a heavy rain storm.

Supper tonight, turkey and salad possibly with some cous cous.


  1. How outrageous is that? I hope you could talk with a manager or boss at Sky and get things in gear to restore your service immediately. If they can turn if off quickly, it can be turned back on just as quickly. Bother!

    In case we lose touch, wishing all goes easily, wonderfully smoothly, and perfectly for the house move and the unpacking in your new home. I will certainly miss you and keep you two in my thoughts.

    Big hugs!

  2. Just to wish you a safe and trouble free move and look forward to reading your news when you are settled. Take care and hope all goes well Best wishes Louise

  3. Sorry to read that you are being cut off by Sky. Best of luck with your move and will look forward to reading about your new home when you are settled. I'm sure you will be posting photos.



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