Friday, 21 February 2014


Dry and sunny a stiff breeze blowing so I have laundry out on the line, need to keep up with it over the next 7 days. DS2 will disconnect the washer when he comes next Saturday.

DB decided to wash the caravan, I specifically asked him not to do it until we had moved it, but as usual I was wasting my breath, he does just as he likes, forcefully reminded him who it was would pick up the pieces if he fell off the ladder!! No effect at all.

Friday clean done as well as I can with boxes etc all over the floor. AF delivery came early this morning, some of the stuff has gone into the cupboard the remainder is still in the small boxes it came in, they will come in handy for packing light stuff in. I spent quit a while cleaning the oven I have never used, just shows the state the house was in when we took it over. Even the agents report said it was 'not particularly clean'.

DD2 is here tomorrow, we are going to change the curtains over and pack the glass ware out of the dresser, then I can take the top off from the bottom and it will go into the car, we can then reassemble it and put everything back in. Ordered the new stand for the TV found it cheaper at Tesco direct than Argos, have to collect it Monday afternoon. I have soup mix in soak for scotch broth for lunch.

The fencers turned up late yesterday afternoon, they have put one panel up, just about destroyed the garden, lumps of heavy clay left around, still as our LL is fond of reminding us, its not our garden!! No idea when they will be back to finish the rest.

Supper tonight fish and chips, Baked banana and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. Cheers for all the accomplishments you continue to make toward preparations for the move and keeping things manageable between now and then.

    Shaking my head here at the risk DB took but glad he didn't come to harm. Men just have that sort of bullheadedness in their DNA. DH is annoying me because his "clearing the decks" before building the shelves I need has turned in to him sitting to complete the project on his work bench first. Grrrr!

    We have the hatches battened down as a large storm is forecast to roar thru here this arvo.



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