Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Evening, the end of a not so good day in many ways. 

We set off this morning to B & Q in Leicester to collect the shed, just as we were approaching the A46 a motor cyclist passed us on the wrong side of the road, seconds later there was a huge bang, OH saw the motor cyclist fly through the air, we were right behind him so had to stop the road was a mess, OH went to warn drivers behind us, I went to see what had happened to the motor cyclist, he was unconcious the the ditch about 50 yards from his bike, there was a car on the opposite side of the road in a hell of a mess and the young lady driver standing looking at the chap in the ditch saying she had killed him!! To cut a long story short the motor cyclist ran into her with such force he completely turned her car round and shoved it onto the verge. He came round. No way was I going down in the ditch I would never have got out again, so I just had to tell him not to move at all and that help was coming. One of the chaps who stopped was on his phone and he did go down into the ditch to check on the chap, we had to haul him out. Eventually the fire service paramedics turned up closely followed by a paramedic, the ambulance and then the police. 

We left our details with the police, turned round and high tailed it into B & Q. We dropped the shed at the apartment and then went to DD2's for a cuppa and some lunch. 

Since we have been home I have emptied most of the wall cupboards in the kitchen and cleaned them out, the car is packed ready for the morning. We have just had fish and chips for tea followed by a slice of ginger cake with some cream. 

I am crackered!!



  1. Goodness, what a day you have had. Terrible experience for you both and of course, the poor woman and motor cyclist too. I don't know about a cup of tea, I would have needed a stiff brandy!!
    Love your new home. I do hope the sun shines for you on the day your furniture gets moved. Great that you can keep dropping stuff off before too. Have been away for a few days, so congrats to your grandaughter getting a position with the council. So difficult for our youngsters these days.
    Sounds like you have now found a great LL. Good Luck to you both.


  2. Motorcyclists and cyclists are a law unto them selves it seems. What a day you had! Will be thinking of you tomorrow! X

  3. Golly gosh you're moving again. Can you tell us how many times you've moved over the years?

  4. What a horrible thing to witness, but your nursing career certainly stood you in good stead in being calm and helpful under the circumstances. Wishing the injured man well, but hope he learned his lesson so he'll be more careful in the future.

    How wonderful to begin the move tomorrow. Wishing you and DB lots of energy and good weather. It will be nice to return to this home for a good night's sleep tomorrow night!

    Sweet dreams!


  5. Hugs. Sorry to hear this but glad you are both okay.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - what a terrible shock for you - just glad that no one else was injured! I also love the look of your place and hope that everything goes well with the move.


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