Monday, 17 February 2014

Busy morning

I washed the towels before we went out, they were just as wet when we got back, quick visit to DD1 to sort out signing our papers for the apartment. We have brought the date forward by another day to 27th February. DD1 was working on 28th. We also collected our Christmas present which DD forgot to give us last time we were there.

From there on to Aldi £9.30 spent, then to the hospital for OH to take his monitor back, then to Wilkinsons and Tesco to fill the car with diesel, thence home.

After a late lunch DB put on some videos, he was watching Micheal Portillo's train journey's. I prepared the mince and veg for mince and tatties for supper tonight.

I need to get my self sorted, we are going into town tomorrow morning, so Wednesday I have to tackle the attic and get the stuff down and sort it out DD2 and DGD are coming on Saturday to help us start packing the first load of stuff that will go with us on the Thursday morning after we have the keys. Just 10 days to go........


  1. What a day of satisfying accomplishments you and DB have had! Hope you've had a chance for a good sit this arvo after such a full day.

    I can just imagine how marvelous to have things moving forward, well planned, and with helpers ready to assist with the move! Wishing you a good night's sleep and lots of energy for tomorrow's errands and for tackling the stuff in the attic.


  2. Those days will whizz by! Good job you are pretty organised! Dull and grey here, just starting to rain, what a surprise!! Will it ever stop? Have been along beside the Thames, I have never seen it so high. Passed through Henley and the roads are open, but it was a bit scary driving a few inches away from the water!! Glad to be home even if I was on a fabric 'jolly'!!!

  3. I do hope that all goes smoothly for your move and that this fulfills your expectations. I do like moving but having made well over 30 house moves I think that enough is enough.

  4. Great that you can move a day earlier to accommodate DD1 helping. Good luck with the packing. I do not envy you that task.

  5. Just 10 days - gosh that's coming round really quickly isn't it? Lots of luck xxx


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