Sunday, 2 February 2014

Busy day at the fun factory

Bad night for both of us last night, we were drinking tea at 1.30am, so a late start. Another sunny morning, a load of laundry in and now on the whirly, it should dry, if we get rain it will be much later.

Parcelled up some wool to send off and attacked the ironing, so all done, nothing in the load of laundry needs ironed so once its aired it can be folded and put away.

Soup sorted for lunch, bread sliced. DB is clearing out rubbish, I wanted a couple of things I want to sell and asked him to find them, well you can guess what happened I ended up finding them in a basket on top of the bookcase in the sitting room. He has gone through all our files and shredded a lot of paper that is no longer needed.

Veg prepped for tonights supper, pork chops roasties and veg. Apple and blackberry sponge for dessert.


The butternut squash I roasted with the potato and parsnip, was delicious, will certainly do it again. I have half of it left which I will put into some soup. I was surprised how tough it was to cut and peel, managed it eventually.


  1. Bob is slowly scanning in paper and shredding originals when not needed. Amazing how much old, outdated, gone and totally unnecessary things we kept. I think we will get it down to a few files EVENTUALLY. Weather here is frightful as this winter has been. Last night from snow to sleet to freezing rain across our part of the state. We have snow on ice so I am only going to exercise and right back home. If better tomorrow will take mom shopping for groceries and misc. I would rather have your rain (without flooding of course.)

  2. Cheers for sunshine and dry weather so laundry could dry on the whirly! We have sunshine and a temperature in the mid-60s*F so that is a delight. I've done two loads of laundry but have no whirly or clothesline to dry them on. Wonder if I'd have the energy it takes to pin them up if I had a clothesline? Rain is probable overnight and tomorrow.

    I've worn myself out doing very little, but doing a bit is better than nothing.

    Your dinner sounds yummy as usual as does your planned dessert.


  3. Yes, butternut squash is a nightmare to cut, my brother cooks it in the over, skin and all and just scrapes the flesh off the skin when cooked, I haven't tried as I'm not keen on it!

    1. It works very well-pumpkin can be done this way too! I have too many thumbs to try cutting it up raw! :-)


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