Monday, 3 February 2014

Big Clean Morning

We have an inspection tomorrow, so decided to do a full house clean this morning, not really dirty just en extra bit of spit and polish.

We finished off the Scotch broth at lunch time with some bread, DB had yogurt, I had a pear.

Towels from the bathroom washed and hung out, there is quite a breeze, but the sky is clouding over, so may have to dash out and rescue them.

I need to make the effort and finish the mats for DD2, I have one to quilt and all four to put the binding on.

I have made DB have a clear out, he has shredded a lot of old papers and we have found several things we have not used for 12 months, so thinking of doing a boot sale and trying to sell some of my stock of quilting items as well. They have a boot fair on a Sunday so might make inquiries about it. 

Supper tonight, egg, chips and beans and apple sponge for dessert.

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  1. Hope all goes well with the inspection. Is this a LL thing or something else?

    It certainly would be handy if you can get a booth at the Saturday boot sale rather than having to host it at your home. Good luck with that!

    It's pouring with rain here but north of us is ice and snow so the rain is fine with me.

    I hope to sew a bit today and wish you well on your sewing plans.



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