Wednesday, 12 February 2014


No rain as yet, keeps going very dark, but its very windy and cold out. DB has been for his blood test, his INR is going down instead of up!!

I need to explain about what I refer to was the box for the sewing machine. As the machine goes to my dealer in Scotland for service every 12 months, I have to send it back in its original packaging which consists of two very large pieces of shaped polystyrene which fit round and protect the machine and an outer cardboard case into which it then fits, so I have to store both the protective packaging and also the outer case. I think I may have solved the problem of where to store the polystyrene case, but as I have to have a conflab with my daughter its not set in stone as yet.

I am going to spend some time this afternoon sorting out the sewing room and putting the machine into its soft cover, then I can dismantle the table so we can take that with us.

We have accepted the quote we got last week for the removal, no one else bothered to get back to us so its tough.

Still having sleeping problems, was awake for over an hour in the night...guess it will be that way until we are moved and I know everything is going to be ok.

Supper tonight chicken and penne in white sauce, dessert????? no idea could make a bread and butter pudding.

DB has a list of people he has to contact re change of address.......he will sort that out over the next few days. He is in the shed sorting stuff out. I have moved the virgin installation from the Saturday to Tuesday, gives me a bit of breathing space, I need to sort out the stand for it. He goes for his gastroscopy tomorrow.

It started to rain mid morning and is hissing down, the wind has detached the top panel of the fence to the left of us, its flapping about at the top of the garden.


  1. Dreadful weather this morning, but the occasional glimpse of sun this afternoon. Has to go to work the VERY long way round as the village flood defence scheme is very flooded, so guess it's working!! I see what you meant about the machine box. I also have several to keep!! Hope all goes well with DB tomorrow, what a horrid procedure to have. Hope you don't get blown away!

  2. Bother about having to keep such bulky original packaging, but I know it's important to do so. Is there anywhere locally that the annual check-up can be done?

    Wishing DB well and hope when he gets home he can snooze without having to navigate the stairs.

    DH and AMIL are about to head out to the grocery as snow is forecast for this arvo with "wintery mix" forecast for tomorrow on top of the snow. What a mess! Hope it's all snow.

    Am working in the sewing room today in order to be able to sew while all is frozen outdoors. Good luck in packing up your sewing room! Does the library there have the wonderful book "Dream Sewing Spaces" by Lynette R. Black or "Setting Up Your Sewing Space" (cannot tell you the author). They are helpful books when trying to fit your stuff into a different room.



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