Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another fine day

A bit duller than yesterday, but its fine and the sun keeps peeping through.

Town called this morning, we were waiting at the bus stop for the bus when we were offered a lift into town, very welcome, even though we do not have to pay for the bus anymore.

I waked down to Boyes with DB he was on his way to get his hair cut, I went into Boyes to get some more wool for the jumpers and then into the library. DB joined me there, we checked out our books and caught the bus.

On the way out we saw several broken down cartons left out for the bin men so two found their way into the house, on the way back they were still there so we picked up another two, they will be fine to pack stuff from my sewing room and also the contents of the airing cupboard and my clothes from the wardrobe. We can store the stuff till we are ready to unpack. It means I do not have to have clothes all over the bed so DS2 can take it to bits.

I have done the macaroni cheese for supper, we are off out again this afternoon to view stuff thats for auction on Thursday, you never know what we might find. DB also has to take his watch back, the strap he bought before Christmas has shredded.

I did manage a decent  nights sleep last night, it was after 12pm when I put the light out, but I think I had been dozing before then.

So the countdown is on 9 days to go. Tomorrow I am going up into the attic!!


  1. Excellent accomplishments today, too, and now you and DB have books to enjoy as you rest from packing.

    Cheers for the boxes you found to reuse, too. When we moved to Texas, a family there asked to have our boxes as we unpacked. Then they packed their stuff up and moved to New Jersey! I've wondered if those boxes were used by folks in NJ and ended up in yet another location?

    Wishing you another good night's sleep and a safe time in the attic.


  2. Wow, you have both been so busy today. How nice to be offered a ride into town too. Please be careful when going into the loft.



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