Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Well today has been much quieter, not so much excitement.
I did sleep slightly better last night, was awake for an hour or so around 3am.

Lots of things to sort, Sky given the heave, signed up with Virgin, free calls and TV for less that I was paying with Sky. We have lost a piece of paper, DB has tried several time to ring the company without managing to get through. He went for his INR this morning, its down again and apparently the blood test he had last week came through he is anaemic.

My appointment for my CT scan on my ear has come through the week before we move,

This afternoon we took the bus into town and dropped some stuff off at the charity shop, got 2 birthday cards, took in the paper work for the apartment, got 6 rolls for DS2's visit tomorrow, licked the steam off some pine furniture and then collected a book at the library, bus was waiting when we came out of the library so we were soon home.

Its very cold, we had rain whilst we were out and the wind was fierce, we were glad to get back in.

Cup of tea and a slice of cinnamon bread, yummy......

We had a call at lunch time asking if we could take viewers tomorrow afternoon. Whilst we were in the agents we had a look at the board for the house, the LL has put the rent up £50!! We will see what happens tomorrow.


  1. What a day full of accomplishments you and DB have had! Sorry to hear he's anemic as that certainly does cause fatigue.

    Cheers for finding a more economical alternative to Sky!!!

    I didn't realize that you had definitely decided to move and am curious as to that date. Your current LL will be sorry to lose you as residents.

    We await the arrival of more repairmen who will hopefully fix the heating at last. After 2 weeks, I am tired of being cold and not being able to use many rooms in the house due to the chill. Now the bedrooms are cold, too.


  2. Blimey! LL doesn't waste any time! Glad you will soon be out of it all. Weather dreadful again here, haven't even gone to my Quilt group tonight, far to wet and windy to tackle the road across the Downs!! Where is Spring?!!

  3. Hi Anne

    Like the look of the new place it looks very elegant and knowing you you will soon have it looking lovely. Bit bigger kitchen as well which will suit you nicely. Hope you and Edwin are okay despite the little hiccups and that your scan goes well. I am off work with lurgey at the moment never mind these things are sent to try us. Hope the move goes well. Love to you both


  4. He wrecks the backyard and raises the rent. Typical. Sounds like you will be well rid of him in March.


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