Friday, 28 February 2014


Today is our wedding anniversary 17 years ago today we were married at Musselburgh, spent our honeymoon in Harrogate courtesy of the NTS on a working weekend.

Yesterdays trip to the hospital was a bit of a waste of time. Our GP has not had the common courtesy to answer the questions DB's consultant asked for. We have to go back in 3 months and hopefully he will have all the info he needs.

We met with the chap at the pine shop and came away with something in mind, it was reduced but I asked for a best price and we have settled, so shortly this will be delivered to our new home to go in the hall.

Two trips today, DB is loading the car as I write, we will come back for lunch and a rest and then empty the china out of the dresser, take it to bits and take it to the house for DD2 to put everything back in tomorrow. DGD can help me put up the curtains in the two bedrooms amongst other things. DB will stay here DS2 is coming to take my wardrobe to bits. I must remember to take the stuff out of it tonight and put it all on the bed.

Have just discovered my niece from my first marriage is emigrating to Aus today, good luck to her and her family, its got to be better weather than we have here at the moment.

Better go want to make sure everything I want is in the car.

Cheers for now............


Thats us finished for today 2 loads taken including the bottom of the dresser and all the glassware. The top of the dresser and the rest of the china from the dresser is in the car along with the contents of the airing cupboard some of which will go in the new chest when it arrives.

I decided not to make turkey pie but chopped up an onion, put it in a bowl with the turkey bits and a couple of large spoons of mayo, salt and pepper,mixed it all up, will make a salad and do some potato wedges. Banana for dessert.

Our landlady came in whilst we were there to look at the french doors which will not close properly and also a window in the single bedroom, I think the wood has swollen with all the rain we have had,eventually they will shrink back. She replaced a light bulb in the pantry, so we now have light on the subject. Our neighbours upstairs move in on Tuesday so the whole house will be full again.

As its our anniversary we are going to open a bottle of bucks fizz and drink to the next 17 years (God help me LOL) and our new home.

Just now I am going to put my feet up for half an hour and maybe have a snooze.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Today's the day

We get the keys.

Posting may be a bit sporadic from now on.

The motorcyclist was airlifted to Nottingham with serious but not life threatening injuries, there was a small piece in the local paper last night. We were both ok, its a good job we were not any further up the road, we would have copped it too. Does not bear thinking about.

Car is loaded ready to go, will be back for lunch, supper cooked at lunch time, and then repack the car and just drop the stuff off  before travelling in to see Dr Lakani. We have then arranged to meet the chap at the pine place before we come back again.

Tomorrow will be full on moving stuff.


We have the keys and the first load has gone, we have another laod in the car to just drop off this afternoon.

Lunch over, just having a brief rest before we set off again and thence to the hospital and to see the pine chappie.

Nice bright day but very breezy and there has been a small shower whist we were having our lunch.

May not be on line tomorrow, will see how things pan out.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Evening, the end of a not so good day in many ways. 

We set off this morning to B & Q in Leicester to collect the shed, just as we were approaching the A46 a motor cyclist passed us on the wrong side of the road, seconds later there was a huge bang, OH saw the motor cyclist fly through the air, we were right behind him so had to stop the road was a mess, OH went to warn drivers behind us, I went to see what had happened to the motor cyclist, he was unconcious the the ditch about 50 yards from his bike, there was a car on the opposite side of the road in a hell of a mess and the young lady driver standing looking at the chap in the ditch saying she had killed him!! To cut a long story short the motor cyclist ran into her with such force he completely turned her car round and shoved it onto the verge. He came round. No way was I going down in the ditch I would never have got out again, so I just had to tell him not to move at all and that help was coming. One of the chaps who stopped was on his phone and he did go down into the ditch to check on the chap, we had to haul him out. Eventually the fire service paramedics turned up closely followed by a paramedic, the ambulance and then the police. 

We left our details with the police, turned round and high tailed it into B & Q. We dropped the shed at the apartment and then went to DD2's for a cuppa and some lunch. 

Since we have been home I have emptied most of the wall cupboards in the kitchen and cleaned them out, the car is packed ready for the morning. We have just had fish and chips for tea followed by a slice of ginger cake with some cream. 

I am crackered!!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For your delectation

The new header photo shows our new home a bit better. The bay window and french doors are in the sitting room, the window to the right of the doors is the bathroom and the small window you can see is in our hall. The windows above are to the upstairs flat.

The green door is our front door, next to it the kitchen the next green door you can see is the entrance to the cellar and past that the second bedroom window. the bit sticking out is the far end of  the master bedroom, the windows above are to the huge flat we looked at and turned down, the window to the left of our front door is the sitting room of the little 2 bed house.

Its not supposed to rain!!

Up and stripped the bed and into the washer so I could hang the laundry out before we went out. We caught the bus and by the time we got into town it was starting to rain....forecast was no rain for us, so what happened.

Changed our books and went to the opticians to change our address and then onto the market for some potato's.

We walked down to the local pine shop, there were a couple of things we liked but I have to measure the height of the ceiling to see if we can get one of them in.

Back home on the bus, it had stopped raining and the wind had got up a bit, maybe the washing will dry a bit after all. It will have to go on the airer when I fetch it in.

We are starting to pull things together ready for the move, we will take one load on Thursday when we get the keys and unpack it. DB has an appointment in Leicester late Thursday afternoon, so we will take another load and just drop it ready to unpack it on Friday morning.

DD2 has just sent me a text to say that DGD has got an apprenticeship with our local council, she has been working there on work experience, she went for an interview this morning and is starting tomorrow. DD2 will be relieved, she has been supporting DGD  for the last 3 years.

I am planning to read ths afternoon, need to conserve my energy.

Supper tonight, grilled gammon, jacket spud, tomato and celery salad, bananas with something.......

Monday, 24 February 2014


A fine day although we did have a rain shower this morning, its still very cold.

I was at the hospital this morning from my scan, quite quick, although they were late calling me.

I had another go and getting the filters for the cooker hood, no go. So they can wait. The shelf papers I was on about are for the airing cupboard in the apartment, not for here, I ended up with two rolls of sticky backed plastic, I will not be taking the backing off, just using drawing pins to secure the paper to the shelves.

I heard from the chap we wanted to see yesterday, he is going to open up for us specially on Thursday night after DB has been for his hospital appointment.

Tired this afternoon so had a sleep on the settee, conserving my strength for later in the week. We have been deciding what is going in the first two loads, DB has a list. DD2 and DGD are coming to the flat Saturday morning to help unpack and put stuff away and also put the curtains up at the bedroom windows.

At B & Q yesterday we found a small 3 x 2ft shed, idea for putting the garden tools in. DB rang our landlady this morning and asked if it was ok to put it in the garden by the gardeners shed, fine, so spoke to DD1 she has ordered it for us (she is a manager at B & Q) and we will collect it on Wednesday, wrinklies day. We will get a discount on it.

Supper tonight, cold roast beef from the freezer, which is emptying nicely. Salad and Moroccan cous cous. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

#Oh yes the coulis recipe

250gms blackberries.
150 grams sugar.
100mls water.

Put it all into a pan and bring to the boil, turn it down to simmer for about 10 minutes, then blitz in a food processor. Pour the syrup into a sieve and sieve the seeds out, return the sieved liquid to the pan cook on a low light until the coulis has thickened slightly, leave to cool. You can store the coulis in the fridge for a couple of days or in the freezer for 4 weeks. Use different fruits to make coulis to mix into plain yogurt or stir into ice cream as its churning, you can also use it as a sauce for ice cream. Mind you I prefer melted mars bar on my ice cream.....yum yum!!


I am trying to save some of the time I paid for on the internet so did not post today. Sunday. I will post it on Monday.

We both woke early thanks to the light streaming in through the thin curtains, we eventually got up around 8.30.

We went on a fools errand to try and find the chap with the pine furniture, no joy at all, so we then went to try and find some shelf paper for the airing cupboard shelves, ended up getting some stuff from Poundland, we will have to use drawing pins to anchor it to the shelves but it will do. Then tried to get a filter for the extractor in the kitchen, no luck there either, so we came home.

Yesterday I made a large pot of scotch broth, there was enough left for lunch today. We were not hungry last night so I did not cook the liver and bacon we are going to have it tonight and finish off the cheese cake with blackberry coulis for dessert.

I finished the jumpers I have made 6 now I need to sew 4 of them up and darn in the ends. Next time I go to see cotton reel I will take them with me.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sunny Again

Late getting up, decided we needed a wee lie in this morning, sun was out so laundry out on the line and it has dried.

We went round the garden and inspected the damage, lots of pants trampled on and great lumps of clay chucked against the gravel boards. DB dug out several companulas and a root of pulminarea, potted them up.

Was just about to make some tea when DB said he had a dizzy so up to bed he went.

DD2 and DGD arrived and we set to after a cuppa to change all the curtains whilst DD packed all the glasses from the dresser and also the shelf unit in the sitting room, so quite a bit achieved this morning. DB was down for lunch.

I made vegetable soup using up stuff from the fridge and some soup mix I had soaked overnight. I had also made a cheese cake and some blackberry coulis for dessert. Loaf of bread put on for later.

Took DD home, dropped DGD in town. Cillected the new TV table from Tesco and caught up on some of the shopping I need to see us through the next few days.

Cup of tea at DD's and then home. fetched in the dry laundry and folded it, sat down to watch the rugby.

Liver and bacon for supper with mash, carrots and cauli, no dessert for a change.

The house is beginning to look like a junk shop, its not going to get much better over the next few days, so I will just have to close my eyes to it.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Dry and sunny a stiff breeze blowing so I have laundry out on the line, need to keep up with it over the next 7 days. DS2 will disconnect the washer when he comes next Saturday.

DB decided to wash the caravan, I specifically asked him not to do it until we had moved it, but as usual I was wasting my breath, he does just as he likes, forcefully reminded him who it was would pick up the pieces if he fell off the ladder!! No effect at all.

Friday clean done as well as I can with boxes etc all over the floor. AF delivery came early this morning, some of the stuff has gone into the cupboard the remainder is still in the small boxes it came in, they will come in handy for packing light stuff in. I spent quit a while cleaning the oven I have never used, just shows the state the house was in when we took it over. Even the agents report said it was 'not particularly clean'.

DD2 is here tomorrow, we are going to change the curtains over and pack the glass ware out of the dresser, then I can take the top off from the bottom and it will go into the car, we can then reassemble it and put everything back in. Ordered the new stand for the TV found it cheaper at Tesco direct than Argos, have to collect it Monday afternoon. I have soup mix in soak for scotch broth for lunch.

The fencers turned up late yesterday afternoon, they have put one panel up, just about destroyed the garden, lumps of heavy clay left around, still as our LL is fond of reminding us, its not our garden!! No idea when they will be back to finish the rest.

Supper tonight fish and chips, Baked banana and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Sky in their infinite wisdom decided to cut off our internet and telephone this morning 2 weeks earlier than I asked for. We spent over an hour on the phone and all we got was 'sorry but you will have to reapply it will take 10 days and you will have to sign up for a year'!!! My language was ripe to say the least.

I have signed on with a BT hot spot in an effort to keep in touch, but if I do not post do not worry, once I get back on line I will publish what we have been doing most days.

Tis afternoon I had to go into the town to drop some stuff off and also let DD2 know whats going on.

Its been a fine day, but we have just had a heavy rain storm.

Supper tonight, turkey and salad possibly with some cous cous.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

HHmmmmmmm looks like rain.

Everything is down out of the attic, all thats left in there are the supports our LL gave us which we have never used.

There was quite a bit in there, so its dotted about in various places round the house. I need to find somewhere to store 15 photo albums, boy were they heavy. Found the curtains that were up here when we moved in, they will be going back up on Saturday when DD2 is here. I then have to decide what to do with two pairs of celeadon green velvet curtains, one short pair and one long pair. I also have a bone china tea set that really needs to go, I have had it for years and think its only been used once or may be twice. Might try it at the boot fair.

DB went for his blood test this morning, its gone up again so he has to go back in 2 weeks. He is outside sorting pots etc out to go with us. We have 2 large pots to move down from the top of the garden, the grass is too wet to use the trolley.

Cooked pork and beans for tonights supper, we have bananas so a dollop of ice cream me thinks, that will be dessert.. I am waiting for an AF delivery, should come tomorrow. A week tomorrow we get the keys.........There is stuff everywhere, as usual I am suffering, I hate mess with a passion, but at least I know it will gradually disappear over the next 2 weeks.

Finished another of the newspaper babies jumpers and started a yellow one, change from blue and red.

Rant coming on.....

Why do men have to do the opposite of what you want. We had discussed moving two large ceramic pots of hostas from the top of the garden. I suggested we wait for the grass to dry out a bit before we took the trolley up to move them.

I was up to my eyes in the kitchen when a voice called ' are you busy?' When I went through DB had taken the trolley up the garden and wanted me to go and help him lift the pots onto it.......I was not happy, however I went with him and moved the pots, as we wheeled the trolley across the grass it left deep grooves......I bit my tongue and did not say a word. I could have said plenty believe you me!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another fine day

A bit duller than yesterday, but its fine and the sun keeps peeping through.

Town called this morning, we were waiting at the bus stop for the bus when we were offered a lift into town, very welcome, even though we do not have to pay for the bus anymore.

I waked down to Boyes with DB he was on his way to get his hair cut, I went into Boyes to get some more wool for the jumpers and then into the library. DB joined me there, we checked out our books and caught the bus.

On the way out we saw several broken down cartons left out for the bin men so two found their way into the house, on the way back they were still there so we picked up another two, they will be fine to pack stuff from my sewing room and also the contents of the airing cupboard and my clothes from the wardrobe. We can store the stuff till we are ready to unpack. It means I do not have to have clothes all over the bed so DS2 can take it to bits.

I have done the macaroni cheese for supper, we are off out again this afternoon to view stuff thats for auction on Thursday, you never know what we might find. DB also has to take his watch back, the strap he bought before Christmas has shredded.

I did manage a decent  nights sleep last night, it was after 12pm when I put the light out, but I think I had been dozing before then.

So the countdown is on 9 days to go. Tomorrow I am going up into the attic!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Busy morning

I washed the towels before we went out, they were just as wet when we got back, quick visit to DD1 to sort out signing our papers for the apartment. We have brought the date forward by another day to 27th February. DD1 was working on 28th. We also collected our Christmas present which DD forgot to give us last time we were there.

From there on to Aldi £9.30 spent, then to the hospital for OH to take his monitor back, then to Wilkinsons and Tesco to fill the car with diesel, thence home.

After a late lunch DB put on some videos, he was watching Micheal Portillo's train journey's. I prepared the mince and veg for mince and tatties for supper tonight.

I need to get my self sorted, we are going into town tomorrow morning, so Wednesday I have to tackle the attic and get the stuff down and sort it out DD2 and DGD are coming on Saturday to help us start packing the first load of stuff that will go with us on the Thursday morning after we have the keys. Just 10 days to go........

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wot No Rain?

Cannot believe it, no rain. I set the washing machine to come on early this morning, but then I had a bad night, pain killers and tea at 3am!! So the laundry has only been on the whirly for about an hour, there is a breeze so it is drying slowly.

I have a loaf on and have also made a carrot cake, we might have a slice for supper dessert instead of me making a lemon sponge, will see how I feel a bit later.

We have found the £5 lily bulb, DB and I attacked the bed where I thought it was and he got the prize, one giant lily bulb. He has spent the morning cleaning out the shed and chucking away stuff we do not want/need, so its all in bags ready to go into the caravan when I manage to find the old duvet cover I am going to put on the floor to keep the carpet clean. he also found 2 folding crates which will come in handy.

Supper tonight roast pork chops and potato's, carrots, green beans from the freezer.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Late up this morning, shattered. After breakfast DB loaded up the car with stuff for the tip and also the wood for DD2. We called on the way home, had a cuppa and then dropped DD2 at Sainsbury as we came home.

Bacon sarnies for lunch yum yum.

Not much done this afternoon except list some stuff on Ebay, quite a few watches already, hope they transmit into a sale, could do with the dosh.

It was fine this morning, started to rain and is now chucking it down again, am hoping to get laundry dry tomorrow we are promised a window in the rain....fingers crossed.

No packing or anything else done, did have a spat with DB over an unwashed frying pan, its now washed and put away. Did manage to do the ironing from Monday so thats put away, need to change over the duvet, we still have the summer weight one on, its very old, thinking of binning it or maybe put it on freecycle, would be ok for someone wanting to make dogs or cats beds. I will get a new lightweight on from Dunelm in the summer sale.

Herb fritatta an salad for supper the last banana for dessert with some custard, might make a lemon sponge tomorrow, will see hoe I feel in the morning.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Its raining ......Again!!

It was dry but very dull when I opened the curtains. DB had said if there was a window when it was fine he would go out and lift the plants, so this morning he did. I went out and put canes by all the plants I wanted to take and they are now all in pots waiting on the deck.

I started the Friday clean by switching off the fuse to the lights and cleaning the light fittings in the dining room and kitchen, there one in the kitchen was not very nice, but its done and all clean again now. I also damp mopped the sitting and dining room floors as I had been coming in and out through the french doors, the dining room floor was looking a bit grubby. I need to do the kitchen but decided to have a cuppa and relax for a few minutes before I go through and tackle that.

It is now raining again.......aaarrgggghhhh we should all have webbed feet.

Expecting a courier to pick up a parcel and also the chap to put the new seal on the washer after lunch.

As I expected DB did not sleep after his 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon, so we were drinking tea at 1am. No siesta for him this afternoon. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight too.

Change for supper tonight, fish cakes and potato wedges.......felt like a change, possibly baked bananas for dessert. We finished off the bread and butter pudding last night.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Morning After The Night Before

No rain!!! but we still have quite a stiff breeze. The house to our left lost a fence panel, it ended up against our LL precious cherry tree. DB took a photograph, do not want blaming for that!! The neighbours have been out and moved it into their garden.

DB goes for his procedure this morning, so I am on standby to pick up the pieces as usual. I have to take him to the local hospital for 10.15am. They will phone when he is ready to come home.

I am going to spend the waiting time reading. I need to conserve my energy for the end of the month. DB came home from his INR yesterday with more boxes......there is a theme going here. I specifically asked him not to start packing until a week on Monday. I remember only too well the mess when we came here with boxes up to the ceiling in the dining room and not being able to sit at the table to eat our meals for over a week.

I did spend some time in my sewing room yesterday trying to sort some of the stuff and deciding where to put it, I want to try and condense 3 units into 2. I also want to take the legs off the table so it can go with us on our first trip along with a couple of chairs to sit on. Did not get very far......

Sausage and mash for supper tonight with the remains of the bread and butter pudding I made yesterday for dessert.

Up date.

DB home, all well with his gullet he now has to have a swallow test which is what I wanted him to have in the first place. He had some bread, soup and a yogurt and retired to bed, I have just woken him up after 2 hours, He will not sleep tonight.

I managed to get the table down in the sewing room and also pack the hoops to the machine in a box with my rulers. Had to move the crates out first then prop the table up against the wall and put the crates back. I am shattered, its a good job we have quite a few days to ove the stuff, I think we are going to need it.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


No rain as yet, keeps going very dark, but its very windy and cold out. DB has been for his blood test, his INR is going down instead of up!!

I need to explain about what I refer to was the box for the sewing machine. As the machine goes to my dealer in Scotland for service every 12 months, I have to send it back in its original packaging which consists of two very large pieces of shaped polystyrene which fit round and protect the machine and an outer cardboard case into which it then fits, so I have to store both the protective packaging and also the outer case. I think I may have solved the problem of where to store the polystyrene case, but as I have to have a conflab with my daughter its not set in stone as yet.

I am going to spend some time this afternoon sorting out the sewing room and putting the machine into its soft cover, then I can dismantle the table so we can take that with us.

We have accepted the quote we got last week for the removal, no one else bothered to get back to us so its tough.

Still having sleeping problems, was awake for over an hour in the night...guess it will be that way until we are moved and I know everything is going to be ok.

Supper tonight chicken and penne in white sauce, dessert????? no idea could make a bread and butter pudding.

DB has a list of people he has to contact re change of address.......he will sort that out over the next few days. He is in the shed sorting stuff out. I have moved the virgin installation from the Saturday to Tuesday, gives me a bit of breathing space, I need to sort out the stand for it. He goes for his gastroscopy tomorrow.

It started to rain mid morning and is hissing down, the wind has detached the top panel of the fence to the left of us, its flapping about at the top of the garden.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rain Again....sigh...........

Its raining yet again, keeping an eye on the water flowing down from the field and under the foundations, no idea where its going from there.

My heart goes out to the people who are flooded out and who may not get back into their homes for more than a year. I know there are some people whose homes have been so badly damaged they will never go back, its heartbreaking.

I thought we had a valuer coming this morning from the removers, wrong!! its tomorrow. We have viewers just after 11am. and the chap coming to put a new seal on the washer after lunch, so I set to and prepared the cauli and calebrese gratin and tomato, celery and cucumber salad. Will put a jacket spud in the remoska later.

Not sleeping well, so much going round in my mind just now, trying to sort out what to take first. I have done a menu list for the week we leave and the first week we have the keys so I know what can go from the cupboards. I need to go up into the attic and sort out whats in there. The biggest problem is the box for my machine. The outer case folds flat and can go behind a wardrobe or under a bed, but the actual case the machine goes in s a different matter. I have taken the embroidery unit off for now and its in its case. I also want to see if I can get all my stuff onto the two big book shelves, leaving the smaller one free. Agggghhhhhh............

I have yesterdays laundry to iron, may do that after lunch, on the other hand I might just read, I have a book to go back to the mobile library tomorrow.

DB is itching to get into the garden and remove the plants we want to take, he has an apple tree that needs to come out and I want to see if I can find the giant lily bulb I put in last year, it cost me £5, sorry but I am not leaving that.

Supper tonight is the gratin, not sure what we are having for dessert, maybe fruit.

Breaking News.....

Just had the agents on the phone, we are off to collect the offer letter, so we will be moving on 7th March. This house has been taken off the rental market, the LL is going to move back in!!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Now We Have Frost

Woke up this morning to frost.......I stripped the bed and once the washer had finished put the bed linen on the whirly, the ground was crunching under my feet. I need to fetch it in later before we go out, just in case...

Monday clean done, also made a pot of soup for lunch and started the chicken casserole for supper, it will just need re-heating when we get in tonight.

DB has to collect his palpitation monitor this afternoon.

We have another set of viewers coming tomorrow and I also have a chap coming to fit a new seal on the washer. I was shocked at the amount of mould on the rubber, I think I will have to go back to using washing soda. The estimate was £120 a new machine would be a couple of hundred more, so I think its worth getting the seal done, the machine is 5 years old but still working perfectly.

Supper tonight is chicken casserole, carrots, cauli and mash. Banana fritters for dessert. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soggier Sunday

It was raining again when we got up, but now the sun is out, a few heavy clouds, not sure if its going to rain again.

I have laundry but I am holding off doing it, tomorrow is bed change and I need to get that stuff dry.

We had a lie in this morning, we were up early yesterday, wanted to catch the 10am bus and it takes us a while to get going these days.

My friend cotton reel persuaded me to knit some jumpers for a charity that send them to Africa, I managed to knit one and a good bit of another one yesterday. I will put a photo up when they are finished.

Thinking about packing stuff up, we will take the stuff not needed from the kitchen and sewing room first. DB is going through paper work and getting rid of what we no longer needed, he has a lot of rubbish believe me, not that I am exempt either, I need to have a clear out. I asked DB to clear out his sock drawer, I keep finding the same socks in the wash week after week, so why is he holding on to a drawer full?? I need to get some banana boxes for the books and glasses, they are easier to carry. Books will have to be stacked on the floor until we get the book cases there. My mind is whirling......

We might have a run to Wymeswold after lunch, there is a shop there that sells reclaimed pine......

Supper tonight roast chicken with all the trimmings, not sure about a dessert, it might be fruit and cream, or fruit in jelly.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Its was fine but windy this morning so I put a load in the washer to hang out, it should dry a bit and I can finish it off on the airer.

Decent night last night. DB was asleep before me so no moans about the light being on whilst I was reading.

Trip into town, had some papers to take in the the agents, books to return to the library and stuff for the charity shop, also wanted to pick up a new Argos catalogue, so a quick trip on the bus.

Gosh it was cold, the wind was something else. It was National Library Day so we stopped for coffee and biscuits, DD2 came in whilst we were there to change a book.

Home again, the laundry was dry and the whirly was at an angle, so I fetched it in before the whirly tipped over and landed my laundry in the sea of mud that is the grass.

DB watching the rugby, I sat knitting for a change.

Supper tonight liver and bacon with mash, cauli, carrots and calebrese. Banana for dessert.

Friday, 7 February 2014

It has poured with rain all night, we can actually see the water flowing down from the top of the garden and pooling in the bottom flower bed. We are getting out of this house at just the right time.......I just pray we do not get flooded in the next 3 weeks.

Trip day today, need a few things from Aldi, veg, eggs and a toasting loaf. Then on to see DD2 and from there to my friend cotton reel for tea and a chat.

Fish and chips for supper tonight, banana for dessert.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Planning day

I had to have a quick trip into Melton with DGS's birthday card. By the time I got back DS2 was here, so a quick cuppa and then we took our bed to bits, moved it, hoovered the floor, bed base and mattress and put is all back. I was surprised how little dust there was under the bed, found a couple of things DB lost but that was it. He also took the wall unit down in the sewing room for me. I have to fill the holes and put a dob of paint on.

We also sorted out when DS could come over and give us a hand taking stuff down and then helping us at the other end. This time it will just be furniture, washer and fridge freezer going, all of the stuff we can move we will, including all my sewing room.

Bacon rolls for lunch, I have sausages out for supper, so sausage mash and the rest of the beans from Monday. Banana and cream for dessert.

We have a remover coming this afternoon to give us a quote and also someone coming to view the house, so a quick shoofty round to make sure its looking at its best.

I did sleep better last night, DB went to bed with palps, but they had gone this morning.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Well today has been much quieter, not so much excitement.
I did sleep slightly better last night, was awake for an hour or so around 3am.

Lots of things to sort, Sky given the heave, signed up with Virgin, free calls and TV for less that I was paying with Sky. We have lost a piece of paper, DB has tried several time to ring the company without managing to get through. He went for his INR this morning, its down again and apparently the blood test he had last week came through he is anaemic.

My appointment for my CT scan on my ear has come through the week before we move,

This afternoon we took the bus into town and dropped some stuff off at the charity shop, got 2 birthday cards, took in the paper work for the apartment, got 6 rolls for DS2's visit tomorrow, licked the steam off some pine furniture and then collected a book at the library, bus was waiting when we came out of the library so we were soon home.

Its very cold, we had rain whilst we were out and the wind was fierce, we were glad to get back in.

Cup of tea and a slice of cinnamon bread, yummy......

We had a call at lunch time asking if we could take viewers tomorrow afternoon. Whilst we were in the agents we had a look at the board for the house, the LL has put the rent up £50!! We will see what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hold on to your hats

I told you we were off on a trip on Saturday and I would tell you all about it later.

When we moved here last spring, it was a case of taking the best of a bad bunch. Our LL  has not been the most helpful just lately and both of us have had issues with the stairs. So on Saturday we went to look at 2 apartments in the same house.

One was upstairs, very large and rambling, I think we would have needed a map to find our way round it. We liked it but it was upstairs and really too big. The down stairs apartment was just our cup of tea, the viewing was rather rushed, so we went back today with my daughter to meet the land lady and have another look. There were several things we needed to know, not the least being if we could put the caravan there. It was a good meeting, everything we had asked for was agreed to and a few we had not too. So we have given notice on the house here and will move out on 7th March. We take on the new apartment on March 1st so we have 6 days to move all the small stuff and put it straight in the  cupboards. Our wardrobes will fit the bedroom and there is a nice desk in the smaller one which will be ideal for my machine.

The house was built in the Arts and Craft style and is an old hunting lodge built around 1910, It had 10 bedrooms a drawing room, which is our sitting room, formal dining room and a breakfast room plus the usual offices on the ground floor.....we have the drawing room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, but its not small by any means.

There is a gardener for the grounds, although DB will be taking care of the borders round our part of the building. We have a patio outside the french doors, to sit and take the air if we get any sun.

The whole building has recently be completely redecorated and carpeted, apart from the drawing room which has a wilton carpet on the floor. Gas central is just a short walk from my daughter and about half a mile from the town, but less than 200 yads to open countryside. At the bottom of the  garden there is a wood.

The french doors, bathroom window to the right you can just see the bay to the left.

Looking towards the wood at the bottom of the garden. excuse the whirly in the picture.

One side of the kitchen, the freezer will be replaced by mine. Built in oven and hob with extractor

 At the side of this picture you can see the door to the pantry, at the side of this there is another built in cupboard. The washing machine I am keeping and swapping mine, this one is a washer dryer.
 The drawing room with the window seat, I am going to make cushions to go on top of the seat. I think we may well have the dining table which is oval in the bay.

The desk I will be able to use for my machine.

We now have to start to think about moving all the small stuff in the house so all thats left for the removers is the actual furniture. We have 6 days from when we get the keys to having to vacate this house.

DB is waiting to see if the grass dries out so he can dig up some of the plants we have put in the garden. The planters will go as well of course.

May be now I will manage to get a decent nights sleep, so much going round in my head the last few days. All questions answered, room sizes etc confirmed. All the furniture from the sitting room and dining room will look lost in that huge room. DB was talking about going to auctions.....I do not think so...........

I Don't Believe It....Another Sunny Day

Did not sleep too well last night again, woke just after 1am, it was 5am the last time I looked at the clock, too much buzzing round in my head just now.......DB slept like a log, part of the problem keeping me awake was him snoring!!

Another sunny day, the living room is quite  warm from the sun coming in through the window. The wind is very cold so from inside its quite deceptive, coats, hats and scarves required.

Our inspection has been done, all very ok, agent said he wished all properties were like ours. Its in better condition now than when we took it on.

Pot of lentil soup made for lunch, this is going to be a frugal as I can make it month, so living out of the cupboards and freezer.

Out with DD2 this afternoon, need to sort out 2 birthday cards for DGS and SIL1. Both have birthdays within the next few days.

Supper tonight poached salmon and salad. I am not keen on hot salmon so cooked it in some white wine and lemon juice, will chill it in the fridge once its cooled. Last of the apple and blackberry sponge for dessert tonight. Will have to dream up something else for tomorrow.


Monday, 3 February 2014

Big Clean Morning

We have an inspection tomorrow, so decided to do a full house clean this morning, not really dirty just en extra bit of spit and polish.

We finished off the Scotch broth at lunch time with some bread, DB had yogurt, I had a pear.

Towels from the bathroom washed and hung out, there is quite a breeze, but the sky is clouding over, so may have to dash out and rescue them.

I need to make the effort and finish the mats for DD2, I have one to quilt and all four to put the binding on.

I have made DB have a clear out, he has shredded a lot of old papers and we have found several things we have not used for 12 months, so thinking of doing a boot sale and trying to sell some of my stock of quilting items as well. They have a boot fair on a Sunday so might make inquiries about it. 

Supper tonight, egg, chips and beans and apple sponge for dessert.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Busy day at the fun factory

Bad night for both of us last night, we were drinking tea at 1.30am, so a late start. Another sunny morning, a load of laundry in and now on the whirly, it should dry, if we get rain it will be much later.

Parcelled up some wool to send off and attacked the ironing, so all done, nothing in the load of laundry needs ironed so once its aired it can be folded and put away.

Soup sorted for lunch, bread sliced. DB is clearing out rubbish, I wanted a couple of things I want to sell and asked him to find them, well you can guess what happened I ended up finding them in a basket on top of the bookcase in the sitting room. He has gone through all our files and shredded a lot of paper that is no longer needed.

Veg prepped for tonights supper, pork chops roasties and veg. Apple and blackberry sponge for dessert.


The butternut squash I roasted with the potato and parsnip, was delicious, will certainly do it again. I have half of it left which I will put into some soup. I was surprised how tough it was to cut and peel, managed it eventually.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shhhhhush.......The sun is shining

The sun is shining and I have a line of laundry out. The grass is so thick with mud it almost sucked the clogs off my feet, you can see quite clearly where I have walked. Tough......I am feeling very is quite mild. I was ready for another wet and windy day, wonder what happened.

We have a little trip out this morning, will tell all later, no sign of anything being done about the fence as yet, I guess its too wet. OH loaned next door our rake, it has not come back so he is off round to get it, we have lost things like that before.

By lunchtime the sky had clouded over, so I fetched the laundry in, put it on the airer to finish off.

We had some of the scotch broth at lunchtime, delicious......bread maker on with a loaf. Veggies to prep for supper, liver and bacon. No idea whats for dessert, might do a crumble for today and tomorrow, have an apple and some blackberries left.