Tuesday, 28 January 2014

When is the sky going to stop leaking???

Yet more rain, our neighbour is keeping an anxious eye on the land behind us. Apparently 2 years ago the house next door but one flooded on Christmas Eve after a heavy strom. We have water standing in the borders.

Todays Funny:

Go one laugh you know you want to!!

Fridge cleaned out and freezer audit done, just a chicken and 4 pork chops needed this month still plenty left in the freezer. I am going to Aldi tomorrow have a £5 voucher to spend.

Nothing exciting going on here apart from the blessed rain hissing down, the mobile library  comes tomorrow, I have some books to go back and a couple to collect, that should keep me going until the next visit in 2 weeks time. We are so lucky to have the service, fingers crossed it will continue.

Might get to the machine this afternoon to quilt another couple of mats, I also have some ironing to do, sheets and a table cloth from this weeks laundry.

Supper tonight spag bol and garlic bread, will cook the mince to make the sauce after I have had my lunch. I made a bread and butter pudding last night so half of that left for tonight.


  1. Still chuckling at today's cartoon as it becomes all too true as time goes by!

    Well done on being so organized with your freezer contents and menu plans. Wish we were that organized but I'm not the cook most of the time so say nothing.

    Cheers for mobile libraries wherever they are! We went to the library yesterday and picked up series 5 and 6 of New Tricks but I didn't take time to get more books.

    Hope that rainwater drains away without causing problems. We are likely to have snow today and tonight. Out high today is forecast to be just 25*F but that's better than many areas north of us have it. Brrrr!

    I look forward to seeing the mats you're making.


  2. Hope you avoid any problems with the rain. Will trade some very cold temps and snow for a bit of rain.
    Can relate to funny LOL.

  3. The weatherman says we're in for a dry spell for a couple of days - let's hope that will help with land to the rear and lift all our spirits too xxx

  4. Getting very fed up with all this rain too x


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