Thursday, 30 January 2014

Whats that??? No rain!!

Off to the hospital this morning for DB's echo, I do not have a good feeling about this, I have a book to read, it is going to take an hour apparently.

For once its not hissing down but very grey, would not be surprised to see some spots at some point.

I bought a bowl of tiny daffs yesterday to brighten up the house a bit, the are on the front window cill, got a bit of growing to do yet.

Noting exciting going on just now, fritatta and salad for supper, fruit and icecream for dessert.

As Victor Meldrew would say 'I don't beleive it!!' its not raining...its snowing!!


Back from the hospital, everything went ok, no sign of angina and the stress test was fine. So we now wait for the appointment with the consultant. We have to go and get a special monitor DB needs to use when he gets the palps, so another trip into Leicester in a couple of weeks to collect that.

LL has turned down my request to put down 4 slabs to get to the whirly and prevent more damage to the grass, so fine, I will continue to trample and compact the grass as I go to and fro to hang the laundry out. He does not want anything else doing to the garden......hhmmmmmm. I think intransigent is the word, two of us can play at that game.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to wrrap myself in the freecy blanket and read for a while.


  1. Enjoying your fun pictures - helping to cheer up another grotty day here.

  2. Hope it's a great day for all, Prozac or not!

    Cheers for a good ECHO report!

    Bother about LL's lack of cooperation. I'd suggest you not ask him about things that don't require digging deep holes or mixing concrete! Those pavers would simply sit atop the grass and make the garden look better than mud will, not to mention your muddy shoes.

    I love our quilts, but those fleecy throws are so cozy, wash well, and there are no worries about stains or pulled stitches as there are when we use our beautifully made quilts.

    The main floor of the house still seems much cooler than elsewhere even tho the repairmen were here for hours yesterday and a 3rd man came later. Wish the furnace would fix itself.


  3. Pleased to hear DB had a good result,and hopefully, his Consultant will get to the bottom of his palps.
    Don't understand your LL. At first, he sounded so amiable, but now, he is getting 'stuffy'. Wonder if you will ever get the fence put back, do hope so.
    Been awfully cold and damp here today, so like you, I plan an easy afternoon, hot drink in one hand and 'Escape to the Country' on tv, so I can wish for a dream kitchen!! Some hopes!!


  4. Glad all went well at the hospital today. LL very ungrateful, it started off so well. I can't understand why he is not pleased that you are improving his garden, some folk are peculiar!


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