Monday, 6 January 2014

What A Night

wind howling, rain blattering at the windows, I had visions of a flooded garden this morning, its extremely wet, but another blattering like that could see us with a flooded garden, the water has no where to go.

Its bright and sunny and the wind is drying slowly, I put a load of laundry out and its almost dry, so put the towels in, they will not dry completely but they will have had a blow.

Thanks to the wind and the rain we slept in this morning, so like the cows tail, I have been all behind this morning, however, Monday clean done as well as the 2 loads of laundry. Leek and potato soup for lunch, enough left for tomorrow if I add a bit of stock to it.

I have some left over mince and some baked beans left so, they will go in together with some mashed spud on the top for cottage pie, have some brussels to use up and will chop a carrot up as well. We have bananas for dessert.

DB has retired to bed for his siesta, he said he could feel a dizzy coming on, so bed is the best place. I am off to tackle some sewing.

The weather is not set to improve, I see we have another horrendous storm heading towards us from the US, everywhere local is on flood alert, have not had a chance to look at the brook at the bottom of the valley, but I guess the childrens playground is flooded. The service road had huge puddles on it, the drains are blocked with leaves so the water is not draining away. The pictures in the papers are horrifying, those stupid people at Porthcawl, the waves were towering above them.......what makes people do such daft things??


  1. You are battling rain and wind, hope you stay dry and safe we, on the other hand are having to contend with snow, and bitter cold temps. Schools were closed today and I suspect tomorrow as well due to the dangers of frost bite with the wind chill factors of -30*C temps.

  2. We had a night of wind and rain rattling the windows here, too, and await the coming cold. Still, we're lucky not to be getting the dangerous frigid weather so many in the US are enduring.

    I didn't realize that intact weather systems made it across the Atlantic to bother you in the UK. Does that happen often?

    Yes, there is no accounting for folks bent on being in horrid weather and deliberately in harm's way just for excitement or a good picture. What are they thinking?

    Does it seem to you that the planning boards and commissions of yesteryear took into account that water needs somewhere to go or it will be destructive? That's how it seems to me.

    Enjoy your sewing!


  3. Hope the wet weather quits soon for you.

  4. From Margie in Toronto
    I saw those pictures with those people and the huge wave - extremely foolish. I blame a lot of it on people wanting to get their videos or photos on the TV news and they are willing to risk their lives for 15 minutes of fame!

    No rain here although we had a combination of snow and icy rain last night that knocked out the power for a few hours. Tonight it's to go down to minus -29C and with the wind factored in tomorrow it will be about minus -36C when I leave for work!

    I hope your garden survives and the storms end sooner rather than later.


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