Saturday, 4 January 2014

Welcome to the Wet

Yes its raining again. I am thankful however, that we are not in such dire straights as those on the west coast of the UK, the pictures on TV last night were very scary. Many of those people have been flooded before, one chap on the news had cancelled his insurance because he was out of work and could not afford it. Having got a job he had re-instated it but cover did not start until 6th Jan!!

I do not make new year resolutions but this year I have an aim.......I need to loose between 4 & 5 stone.......gasp.......I hate dieting but have decided to give the 2 day diet a go, so I am going to need some support......sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits, bread, potato and pasta are going to be out 2 days a week. Not sure if I will be able to have my porridge. I have ordered both books from the library will read them and then see if I think I should buy them or not. I have decided that Tuesday and Thursday will be diet days and we plan to walk every day if its not raining until we start gardening again. We used to walk for at least half an hour when we were in Haddington, its a bit more difficult here until we find some footpaths. We can walk either to the village or Asfordby Hill and back, but it would be so much nicer if we can find a circular route. We might investigate walking round the golf course.

We were late up this morning. DB developed the dreaded palps at 8pm last night, we sat up reading and to my shame at midnight had 3 chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea!! It was after 1am before the light went out. DB forgot to put the porridge in to soak so we had a bacon sandwich.It was 9.30 before my foot was on the floor.

Spag bol tonight......I bought bananas in Asda so OH will have his with either cream or ice cream, I will just have mine 'neat'.


  1. Wishing you well on your dieting plans. I eat small meals, seldom snack, seldom have dessert and still cannot lose the 20lb I want to lose. With lupus, fatigue is a huge issue and I cannot exercise much without being useless for hours. Bother!!

    With poor DB it seems if it's not one thing, it's another. Now the palps are back. AMIL used to have them but once off of caffeine (expect for the occasional chocolate), that seems to have fixed her. About 20 years later, she developed A-fib so needed a pacemaker.

    It's 19*F here, cold as all get out, and I have errands to run. I really dislike pumping gas when it's so cold, but I must do that today.

    Hope you have time to play!


  2. Hope you are able to loose those extra lbs. its hard at this time of life. I have made a commitment to loose some weight this year also. However, it is too cold to walk outside at the moment, yesterday it was -21*C when the wind was factored in, it makes exposed skin hurt after a few minutes and frost bite would set in. So.....starting Monday, I am walking on the track at our local hockey arena. Hiding the "allsorts" and concentrating on eating less of the naughty things and more healthy food. Stay dry and I will keep warm.

  3. Good Luck with your plans to lose all those lbs. I am also going to try and lose 20lbs, but also have the added problem of joint pain in the feet. I am also promising myself to start swimming in the local pool once a week. So, fingers crossed, you and I should look and feel so much better come the summer. Just in time for the caravaning season. Will be interested to hear how your 2 day diet works. I plan to use a smaller plate and eat less, and cut out biscuits and cake!!! Help.


  4. Good luck with the weight loss - the walking sounds like it will be good for both of you. I like doing my DVDs but I have to get back into the habit - roll on Tuesday when the girls go back to school and I might sort out some kind of routine again. Will be interested to read how you get on with that diet plan, too.


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