Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time to get shifting

Spoke to the agent this morning and agreed for the hedge to be put in, Privit and photinia. LL going to cut it. just had a phone call the chap is coming Friday to do it, which just leaves us tomorrow to get the plants out, pray for fine weather!! He has to take the fence down first, and remove the posts. I do not envy him getting a couple of the posts out they are set in about 2sq ft of concrete.

Another very cold day but bright this afternoon, the light goes so quickly, just after 4pm we have the lights on in the sitting room.

DB went for his INR its still too low so they have upped his warfarin again, he asked me to nip into the post office and send a letter for him. An A4 envelope cost me 69p second class!!! No wonder people are using email to send correspondance.

Visit to Sainsbury this morning, will not be going again, very expensive and they do not have things like basic porridge oats, I pay 75p for a kilo at Aldi and Tesco, £1.64 at Sainsbury was the cheapest I could find. Also the breaded haddock I get for DB was £3 for 4. £2.00 for the same size packet at Tesco. I paid £19 56 for 17 items. Did a comparison with Aldi £14.96!! No contest there then. Even having to drive 24 miles to Aldi at Loughborough and back, it would still cost me less.

Beef casserole, dumpling, carrots and cauli for supper Banana and ice cream for DB, just banana for me.


  1. How frustrating about the plants, I hope they will be okay but I suppose it is the best time of year to move them. Good luck!! WS xxx

  2. Good luck with the plants. Wish I could pop over to help.

  3. Good luck with the plants. Hope the meds change helps.

  4. Wishing you good weather and good ideas about where to put the plants that must be moved to make room for the hedge. Our neighbor has a clematis planted at the base of a wooden lamp post and it climbs happily and looks beautiful all summer.

    The hedge between us and our next door neighbors is evergreen trees alternating with photinia and it is lovely. It was already tall when when we moved here 13+ years ago. Time and unplanned seeds have added lilacs and forsythia among the evergreens and periwinkle covers the ground.

    It does pay to shop for good prices at various stores as the cost of things varies to a great extent between stores here, too.


  5. Privet is better than Leylandi but not as good as a close board fence - it's like a half way compromise isn't It? Hope you do manage to move all of your plants in time too xxx


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