Tuesday, 21 January 2014

That Was yesterday

A very early start. Once at the hospital I sat reading until 10.45am when a theatre nurse asked me to get undressed and follow her.

45 minutes later I was awake and talking and taken back to the ward, given a drink and then a plastic white bread turkey sanwich and a cup of tea. At that stage I could have eaten anything, well almost. About an hour later I got dressed, phoned my driver and asked him to come in to collect me. The surgeon came to see me. What they could see through the perforation was skin growing, He has taken a biopsy, I have to have another CT scan and then see him again, his objective is to repair the hole.

I was home by 3.30pm. and spent the rest of the day on the settee. I have been told to rest today, so thats what I am doing, having a duvet day.

DD2 is due to visit this afternoon. DB is taking good care of me, I got breakfast in bed. I am up just now but will be going back to bed after lunch for a while, will get up for my supper.


  1. Cheers for having this procedure over with, a plan for correcting the problem, a good driver there and back again, and loving care at home.

    We may have snow today so have planned to just keep off of the roads. AMIL would love to have snow, so I hope it comes as forecast.

    Enjoy your duvet day!


  2. Sending prayers Wannabe Sybil xxx

  3. Glad it went well and that DB is taking good care of you.

  4. Sounds like things went smoothly-take care and enjoy the quiet day!

  5. So pleased to hear that all went well and that you're following their advise and resting. My parcel arrived today from your recent give away and I wanted to say thank you again - you are so clever and talented, your work is so neat and tidy and your stitch work just beautiful.
    I still work but look forward to retiring one day and I've always promised myself that I'll have the time one day to have a go myself but I'd never be as good as you are
    thank you again - Carry on resting and take care Trudge xxx

  6. glad all went well for you and it is safely over! Very sensible to have a lazy day.

  7. Good to hear everything went so well and that you are taking the advice to have a rest. About time you were waited on for a change. Hope you had a nice visit with DD2 too.


  8. Sorry, I haven't caught up with you lately. I do hope all is well.


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