Thursday, 2 January 2014

That Was Yesterday

After all the rain, wind and mist yesterday, this morning is bright and sunny, no idea about the wind have not been out.

We have to have an early lunch, its a good 45 minutes journey to the hospital, we have to fight to get into the car park and then walk right through the hospital to get to the clinic which is right at the front near A & E.

On the way home I need to call at Aldi for some shopping and also Adsa to fill up the car with diesel and to see if they have any haggis.

A chap has just been to look at the fence, we now await what the LL is going to do.

Supper tonight cold roast beef and salad, I need to be able to get a meal on the table quickly, it could be quite late before we get in.


  1. Wishing you a safe and informative trip there and back again with all you want or need available in the shops and good parking places when and where you need them! Oh, and a brilliant doctor who can sort out the dds and end them once and for all. Does that cover it? I believe you might as well wish big!

    It's overcast and rain is due later - our part of the huge snowstorm that is sweeping across the country north and west of us.

    I hope to have "a bit of a stitch" (as an Aussie friend says) each day this year. Yesterday I wrote out a quilt label, pressed the edges under, and have it pinned in place. That counts!


  2. Oh, what I would give for some rain, that would suggest warmer temps. It is bitter cold here today, even worse than yesterday. The wind makes it feel a lot colder. Weather advisory states it will feel more like -30*C to -40*C tonight and tomorrow morning.
    Hope you have a safe journey.

  3. Hope today wasn't too stressful for you, and that you might have found a bargain or two at the shops on the way home!! Nothing like a bargain to make you feel better!!!!


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