Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Takes longer than you think

to get over even a few hours in a hospital bed. Its over 20 years since I was last in hospital for anything other than visiting. Boy has it taken it out of me!!

I did not wake until DB came in with my breakfast, he went to get his INR done, when he came back we went to Tesco, I needed some things I could only get from there so I decided I would get what bits of fruit etc I needed.  I had only allowed myself £100 for this month as we had quite a lot of meat in the freezer, I finished my last bits today £2.18 underspent, so the change has gone into the sealed pot. Doubt if I will get away with £100 next month but we will see. We need to do a freezer audit at the weekend so I can do the menu and shopping lists for February. Next Thursday I will be at Aldi.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I put the belly pork on to cook and did the veg for supper, by the time I had done that I was done in, had to lie down for a while.

Have just put a loaf of bread on, we have no fresh bread, just some toasting bread in the freezer, so decided I should get a loaf on.

I also put a load of white in the washer whilst we were out, they are on the airer in the dining room, should be dry by the morning, if not I can finish the stuff off on the radiators as they cool down.

The early mist cleared and we have had a sunny day, although it was very cold, I was glad to get in from the shops. Much warmer inside.

My ear is ok. although it did discharge last night, so I gently cleaned out the outer bit of my ear this morning. 

Post this morning has a leaflet from the book people in....DB was very impressed with some of the offers.


  1. It is amazing how general anesthesia gives patients fatigue that can sap energy for weeks after a procedure. When I was in my 20s I remember being tired for 6 weeks following minor surgery and imagine I'd be tired for even longer these almost 40 years later.

    We got about 4" of snow with lots of wind, so all is drifted and frozen today. It is a good day for warm foods, hot tea, and cozy clothes.

    Your home must smell wonderful from your baking bread. What a delightful and useful thing to do on a cold day.


  2. Hope you're ok and that you'll be feeling much better soon......mind I might stretch it out a bit longer if it means breakfast in bed - I'm lucky if I get a cup of tea in bed on a Sunday morning! Take care xxx

  3. From Margie in Toronto
    Glad that you are doing well but you are wise to rest as much as possible. I had shoulder surgery a year ago and knew I'd be off work 6 to 8 weeks. Everything went really well but I was shocked how tired I was afterwards. I thought I'd read all those books that had been piling up and watch lots of movies - but I found that my concentration was really poor and I dozed off a lot.
    It was minus 21C when I left for work this morning so all I want to do tonight is curl up with a warm bowl of something tasty. Take care.

  4. I hope your feeling back to your usual self soon, I note you say you are going to Aldi next thursday todays mirror news paper has voucher in for Aldi for five pounds off a forty pound shop I think this runs until next thursday don't know if this is of any use to you .regards sue.

  5. I remember having my very first general years ago when I had to have some wisdom teeth removed - well, it was a good job I had enrolled the kids in a holiday club for that week of the school holidays as I just slept the days away - I was very surprised at the effect it had on me! Take care of yourself xxx


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