Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Now We Know

When I got back from my pre -op there was a message on the answer phone. We are getting a hedge but not leylandii its privet (which I also hate) and photinia. No idea when its being done but the clematis has got to come out tout suite, no idea what I am going to do with them. No idea when the job is getting done, but if its fine tomorrow we will start and get the clematis out along with some of the other plants I do not want trampling on. Thank goodness we have got 2 bags of compost and plenty of pots. 

I am so glad that we are NOT getting the dreaded leylandii, I really would prefer fence but there you are.

The LL is going to arrange to get the hedge cut once a year, because I am not doing it and neither is DB.


  1. A privet hedge can be kept a lot neater than leylandii. At least it won't grow to 30 ft like my neighbours. Lucky you saved some pots then you can plant up your clematis other plants and think later where to plant them again. I know how you and DB love your gardening, so hope you can soon get to grips with it again once the LL has planted the hedge.
    Take care

  2. Sorry about the hedge but at least it is not a leylandii. Hedges won't grow in my part of the world. I suspect they cannot handle our cold cold winters.

  3. Mmmm, just a thought, Privet is the hedge at one of our rented out properties, we have it clipped tight in June each year, as for Photinia, looks beautiful clipped into a tight box shape, but also looks lovely with a clematis growing up through it. Have been looking for a photo to show you of a white clematis I have growing through my photinia, can I find it, NO, but when I do I will send it to you.

  4. Hope all is settled about your upcoming medical procedure and that you've found reliable transportation there and back again for that day. What a bother that this has to be done so far from your home.

    Again, I have to wonder if your LL is nuts. A hedge cannot be cut only yearly so that's ridiculous from the start. Seems he's broken faith with you and your neighbor.

    Can DS2 make some sort of stable screen for your clematis to climb and to make a nice backdrop for other plants? Perhaps with some hooks for hanging plants, too, if you and DB like those.

    We had more rain today but also a bit of late arvo sunshine which was welcome. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and 60*F. Go figure!

    Wishing you well on tomorrow's errands. I've been out and about on two consecutive days and that wears me out.



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