Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Not in a good place today, I started a project yesterday which went very badly wrong, the whole lot and several cones of thread ended up in the bin. Then DB could not settle to sleep, was fidgeting even when he did finally go to sleep, so I ended up in the guest room awake until well after 3am.

Beef in the pressure cooker for tonight, DB will have dumpling, I will just have the beef and veg. Soup at lunch time.

It was raining first thing but the sun is out. DB is taking down the trellis off the fences, another panel did a whoopsie yesterday and smashed. The grass is so wet the water comes out over your shoes, the support for the whirly which is screwed 18" into the ground is so loose you can pull it out and the water comes up like a fountain. Not sure what will happen if we get a lot more rain. I will wait until its a bit drier, if it ever is and pot up the clematis and some of the plants I put in last year, they will not stand being stood on when the LL decides what he is going to do about the fence. I did manage to get laundry mostly dry on the whirly yesterday.Finished it off on the airer overnight.

More or less the whole of the UK is now under various levels of flood warnings. People still are being really stupid around the sea. There is a picture in the paper this morning of an idiot standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, if they fall off they would expect to be rescued. I am afraid I would just say tough, why should someone risk their own life to save an idiot who ignores all the warnings. There are some very stupid people about.


  1. Oh Dear! What a day for you. Hope tomorrow is more cheery. Hail, thunder, rain, you name it we had it today!! I feel really cold even though the temp isn't that bad. Cranked the woodburner up to combustion point and am not doing anything that will take me very far away from it!! At least we have electricity, some folk not far from here are without, so am grateful for my lot!!

  2. Sorry about the project that caused you to be frustrated and to have to toss out cones of thread. Bother!! I hope whatever went amiss can be fixed so you can make the project you planned to make with no further delay or irritation.

    Again, I hope your LL puts up another fence and quickly, too. You're paying for that privacy and NOT for the lack of privacy due to a slow growing hedge.

    I hope a gentle breeze will blow the rain away and dry the gardens near and far in the UK and wherever else is too soggy.

    I am finally un-decking the halls and am very tired. Bother!


  3. So far we have been extremely fortunate, yes we have had rain, at times horizontal. Our grass is waterlogged and instead of garden paths I have streams. We have not been even close to flooding and have had no power issues but there is time still for it to get us. I just hope that we do not get a taste of what the US is getting, deep snow and a wind chill of -30 F does not sound inviting at all. It is rotten when a project goes belly up, I have thrown a few things in the bin over the years and one or two have been thrown on the floor and jumped on.

  4. I fervently agree with you about those who are trying to get close to ridiculously stormy seas - they are risking not only their lives but those who will be trying to rescue them. I hope things pick up for you - there is nothing more dispiriting than a project that crashes. Wannabe Sybil (who is signing in from a Lyssa point and can't work out how to change her name) xxx


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