Thursday, 2 January 2014

Not a Bad Appointment

We were early at the hospital and managed to get into the car park. The Consultant was half an hour late, he did apologise.

We went through what has been going on, there is a letter missing for which he also apologised. Where we are now....well he had agreed that DB needs the low dose of medication, we will take the risk of his BP going up and causing a bleed.....without the meds life is horrendous.

What is happening now is DB has to have another couple of tests so we can rule out certain things and then see what if anything we can do to make life easier in that the dizzies are easier to control and give us back some quality of life.

We have to go back in 10 weeks time when hopefully all the tests will have been completed.

We left the hospital and went to Aldi and then to Asda where I filled the car with diesel and we used a gift card to get some bits we cannot get anywhere else. Then it was home for supper.

I had taken some of the roast beef out of the freezer, so supper beef, salad and a jacket potato.We had the two slices of butterscotch cheese cake we brought back yesterday.

Before we went out at lunch time a chap came to look at the fence, we were not happy to earn that LL was thinking of putting a hedge in..... we will have no privacy in the garden especially while its growing and I would have to find a new place for the trellis we put up for the clematis. I am hoping the fencer will have a different suggestion to make. As it is I will have to take out all the plants we put in. Especially the clematis, fencers do not stride over plants, they stand on them. I spent a lot on the garden last year I am not doing the same this year. I have other plans for my money.

I did not sleep well last night so will be glad to have a better night tonight. I have taken a curtain we had  over the shelves in the kitchen at the cottage to bits, to make curtains for DD2;s kitchen, she has a cupboard where the middle shelf collapses, so she wants to take it out, take the doors off the units and replace it with the curtains. I just need to shorten them and re stitch the bits I had to unpick. I'll wash them once I have finished and then she can have them. I might have enough left over to make a frill for the kitchen window.

Tomorrow is another day................


  1. I love the idea of curtains over cupboards, I bet they look lovely! WS xxx

  2. Hope the medical tests and new medicine shed light on what is going on with DB and help banish the dds.

    Cheers for all you two accomplished!

    No fair!! You agreed to a home with a fenced back garden and that is what you should have. Hedges are slow to grow, take lots of care and trimming, bushes sometimes die so have to be replaced, so methinks your LL is looking at the short term and not the long term. You shouldn't have to maintain the hedge one bit so that would be on LL, too.

    Love the idea of remaking curtains for a new use!!



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