Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Miniscule Kitchen

I was looking at 365's blog, the last two days she has published pictures of her kitchen cupboards and freezers. So In for a penny in for a pound.

Some of you will remember the huge kitchen we had at the apartment. The cupboards took everything and space to spare. Now we have moved and my kitchen is tiny, how did I get a quart into a pint pot I hear you ask....well..........the kitchen measures 7ft 10 in wide by 9ft 4 in. Out of that there is the back door, the door to the dining room and the cupboard under the stairs.Which has some shelving in to take big jars I cannot get in the cupboards.

The fridge freezer and washing machine, work top has my Combi Microwave on it, next to is is the bread maker and a mug rack of spare mugs. Kettle and water filter jug.

The other side of the kitchen. built in oven and hob with extractor over the hob floor and wall cupboards

Window end, sink unit. The cupboards go back to either side and contain saucepans etc, serving dishes, washing up liquid, and laundry stuff. Also baking tins I do not use very often. The ones I use the most are in the oven, which I never or very rarely use.

Cupboard to the right next to the window.

Cupboard next to the kitchen door into the dining room

Bottom cupboard next to the door into the dining room. The small cupboard to the left of the cooker has plastic containers etc for the freezer in.

Cupboard next to the extractor.

Cupboard next to the fridge freezer, the boiler is mounted on the wall next to this cupboard.

The combi micro......I use this a great deal, much cheaper than using the main oven which is old and the temperature markings on it are non existent, so although I have an oven thermometer the temperature fluctuates. The freezer that was in that hall is now in my DS2's kitchen, and I sold the dryer and the cooker just after we moved, I used some of the money to buy the dresser below.

The dresser which is in the dining room, it has china and glass in it and also part of an AF order which will eventually go into the kitchen. It is going to be painted and distressed at some point, once the weather improves and I can stand it outside.

So, thats how I got everything in, its not ideal and I do have to search occasionally for things, but as stuff get used up more space will appear.

We had a bright start to the day, but it is very cold and now clouding over. DB spent some time in the garden this morning, he said the middle of the lawn is like a bog, we could do with some dry weather now thank you. We have been lucky there are so many people whose homes have been flooded, some of them may not get back into their houses for more than a year.We are blest that things have not been worse in this little part of Middle England.

DB has gone for his siesta. DD2 who was coming this afternoon has a cold, so does not want to pass it on, thank you DD2, I is quite a few years since I last had a cold. Prefer not to have one now. I am going to put my feet up. Supper is prepped, mince and veg, spuds for DB, not for me and yogurt for dessert.


  1. I admire the way you have organised your kitchen. It is tiny, but looks like everything is in it's place. Well done. I love your dresser the way it is, so why does it need to be painted? Makes a room look warm and cosy.
    Here's wishing you some sunshine to dry out your 'bog'.


  2. You have certainly used the cabinets and space in your small kitchen well! I like the short space above some shelves where the short cans and short boxes fit perfectly!

    I remember my mother storing the potato chip bag in the oven and one time she turned the oven on without thinking to remove the bag of chips. What a stinky mess that was!

    We have a small kitchen, too, but have put food stores and a few small appliances in an area at the bottom of a short flight of stairs and make do with that.

    Today started out so foggy it was difficult to see across the street and it's raining now for the second day in a row.

    I enjoyed the photos! Ta!


  3. The more cupboards you have, the more 'stuff' you seem to accumulate!! I think you have done a grand job in your cozy kitchen. I love the dresser!! Treated myself to a trip to a quilt shop in Wallingford (nr. Oxford) today, was in need of a fabric fix, although I didn't actually buy any!! The road goes parallel with the River Thames. I have never seen the water so high, at Pangbourne, there is a weir and the water was just flowing straight over it and the posts were the only part of the weir you could see. The fields either side of the river where completely under water, quite a frightening sight. a lovely sunny day, but the river is still rising. What do you think the chances are for a hose-pipe ban in the summer!!

  4. Beautiful little kitchen. You do so well with your cooking with such limited counter space.

  5. You are the queen of organization. I hate to have to ask, but what is a "hob and extractor"?


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