Friday, 31 January 2014

More Rain.................

It was fine when we woke up but just after lunch it started to rain again and its throwing it down, I am really cheesed off with the weather, roll on some fine weather.

DB had a blood test so we did another couple of errands whilst we were out, got home just in time for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I sat and sewed down the binding on the place mats, so they are finished and in the drawer. I also put the lamb bones, carrots, onion, swede, garlic and soup mix into the pressure cooker to make some scotch broth for lunch tomorrow.

Its 3.30 and we have the lights on in the sitting room, its horrible outside. I will be glad to draw the curtains and shut the weather out.

Supper tonight fish, chips and coleslaw, I got bananas this morning so we will be having banana something for dessert.


  1. Chuckling at today's cartoon. I remember the first time I read "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." So true!

    Cheers for finishing the table mats that you made for your very own home!

    Our heating sage drags on with the repair guy who showed up at 7:30p deciding our heating system is mysteriously sucking in air so once again we have no heat in 2/3 of the house and it was 24*F last night. The bedrooms are still warm but we get a call this morning that the repair folks will bring a senior repairman on Wednesday so that's another 5 days of this. Then there will no doubt be added cost to the arm and leg we've already paid. My sewing room has icebergs in it - or seems to!

    We have sunshine and the high is supposed to reach the upper 40s*F so that will melt more of the snow.


  2. I decided not to open the sitting room curtains today , .I needed cosy .


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