Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday rolls round again, no sooner is it Friday than its Monday morning again.

A friend sent me an email of funnies, I will put one a day on my blog for your delectation.

Monday clean done, extra through as it did not get done last Monday. The bed changed and the laundry on the airer. It was very dreich first thing, but has brightened up now. I could have put the laundry on the line, but the grass is just a sea of mud and I do not want to make it any worse. I also turned out my wardrobe and have asked DB to do the same, I am starting to do a further sweep to get rid of excess stuff, a big bag out for the charity shop, anything that has not been worn for a year is going in the bag. Thankfully I am feeling better, a bit more energy than I had last week.

I cleared out a couple of bags with knitting wool in, some of you will remember my sock knitting marathon a couple of years ago. I have some small balls of sock wool and also some bits of double knitting wool, If any one is interested you are welcome to it. A refund of the postage would be appreciated.

We spent some time at the weekend making some plans. If everything goes to plan we will move from here into Melton in 2017. So we are looking to put cash into our ISA against removal costs. At that point we will be 84 and 74 respectively and it may be that I will need help with DB, he may not be driving and I could well be coming to the end of my driving too. Our car will be 9 years old then too. We just do not know what is in the future.

DB has an appointment for an XRay this afternoon, we have a raft of hospital visits this week.

Leek and potato soup made for lunch enough for another couple of days. I have cut the meat off the shoulder of lamb from yesterday, we will have some cold for supper tonight with salad and cous cous. The rest will go in the freezer against another meal. I have sliced the sweet loaf I made yesterday, it has turned out quite well, I am open freezing it so we can take a couple of slices at a time out for afternoon tea.

DB off for his siesta, so I am going to put my feet up for an hour, have a book I want to finish reading.


We had a communication this morning from BT for broadband at £5 a month for 6 minths and ten £110 plus line rental, I presume that this also includes the telephone? I worked it out and it is less then half what we are paying with Sky for the year. They charge me £7 surcharge because we are too far from the exchange....whats that about then???

I am going to look into it. I will give them a ring on their free phone number and then see if Sky will match the deal. I doubt it very much but you never know. o not think there are any free calls included in the package but I will ask. Sky charge us £5 for that and I rarely have £5 of charges on the bill, although we do have a number of local calls. I suppose we could use our mobiles more.


  1. Another interesting post! I've asked DH to look at the leeks in the grocery and if they look good and aren't too expensive, I'd love leek and potato soup, too.

    What type of housing would you hope to find in Melton? I know you and DB love that area from your time living there. I hope some home that suits you will be available at a price that is affordable when you're ready to move. Would that put you closer to the hospitals?

    I enjoyed the funny!

    Our high today is in the mid-50s*F and it's already 51*F so the snow and ice are melting. Of course, tonight another arctic blast is coming for a low of 18*F. Brrrrrr!

    We're looking into lower rates for phone and cable TV since we so seldom watch those expensive movie channels. Good luck with Sky!


  2. I'm always happy to receive any spare yarn & I'm happy to pay postage

  3. Yes, good luck with Sky. We never found them amenable. I havn't been a follower of your blog long enough so didn't realise you came from Melton. Do they have any kind of retirement houses on a single floor, where you still have your own home and garden, but have the facility of a warden. Just a thought.
    Also enjoyed the funny. Glad you are feeling more like yourself again. Take care.


  4. It's a good thing to look ahead and make plans. We should all do the same when the time comes. Having been widowed once already I'm painfully aware of so many of the difficulties and I was considerable younger then.

    Our weather is dreadful plus the wind is howling and swirling...miserable all around.

    Take care and stay warm and cozy....Barb


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