Thursday, 23 January 2014

Make your mind up

Is it going to rain or be sunny. A few moments ago the sky was black and hissing down with rain, now the sun is shining.

Bad night ended up in the guest room DB moaning about the light being on......did not wake until after 9am.

Appointment came for my follow up, right in the middle of when we are away so shoved back a month to the end of May.

DB went and collected my medication and a copy of the mirror for the £5 voucher for Aldi. I will go either Wednesday to Loughborough or Thursday to Leicester. DB has an appointment for Thursday at the hospital in Leicester, his examination will take an hour do I can drop him off and then go back and collect him.

I managed an hour in the sewing room this afternoon, a pair of place mats for our table on the way. Many years ago on one of our trips to the US I bought some halloween/autumn fabric to make a tablecloth, I found a bit of fabric enough to make 2 mats. Just have to sew the binding on and sew it down.

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin with jacket spud and roasted tomato. Guess it will be banana for desert.


  1. Sorry about the bad night. Hopefully, it will be better tonight. Isn't it always the way, when you make holiday arrangements, and then hospital appointments are organised for the same time. Glad you were able to change your date.
    The place mats sound interesting. I have been appliqueing some cushions for a friend today, until the light started to fade.
    Good luck with your coupon next Thursday. Sounds a good idea to combine the hospital visit with a trip to Aldi.


  2. I know what you mean re the weather - in the ten minutes of the school run I got dazzled with sun, drenched and battered by hail. Fingers crossed with the hospital! WS xxx

  3. Am glad you've found fabric to make delightful placemats for yourself and DB. That's a nice relaxing way to spend some post-anesthesia recovery time.

    Might DB need one of those sleep masks so the light won't get in his eyes when you choose to read?

    It's still below freezing here but the street is clear of ice so that's a plus. When it warms up to the low 40s*F on Saturday, I'll go to the library. Meanwhile, am getting out winter fabrics to make a winter wall quilt that will have four 12" blocks unless I change my mind!

    Stay cozy!


  4. I'm happy to hear that your op went okay and that you're starting to feel better. I also got my Aldi voucher and intend to stock up on things like loo rolls, coffee and bits for the freezer.


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