Friday, 3 January 2014

Lazy Day

We did not get up too early after my bad night on Wednesday DB let me sleep in, so will after 9.30am before I surfaced.

I wanted to sort out the curtains for DD2 which took me part of the morning and into this afternoon.

We nipped down and I fitted them for her, so the kitchen is looking better.

We have had a sunny but cold day and quite windy. I do feel so for people in Devon and Cornwall who have been hit again with huge tides and the wind.

Supper tonight, fish and chips. DD2 gave DB the last of the cheese cake from Wednedsay, he can have it for dessert.

I have a little project I want to start, so need to get my rear into gear.

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  1. Cheers for the new curtains in their new home and for how nice it looks!! I know DD2 must be delighted! Did you take a photo or two?

    We have sunshine, cold temperatures, and wind today, too. Brrrrrrr! Sympathy to all who are affected by extreme weather. Snow north of us, and the high tides and wind there.

    I look forward to seeing your little project!



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