Saturday, 25 January 2014

Its The Weekend

DB decided last night was to be a late reading night, consequently t was almost 9.30 before I opened my eyes.

A sunny morning despite  the forecast, so a late load of laundry on the line. Bread in the bread maker and tomorrows lamb studded with garlic and now marinating in red wine. I want to make a fruit loaf when the bread is finished. I also have to cook the liver. I forgot when I took it out yesterday that we were having haggis tonight, so will cook and re freeze it for later to have either with bacon or sausage.

I am still feeling incredibly tired, I really find it difficult that the anaesthetic has affected me so much.

DB is in the garden, we have asked the LL for permission to put in 4 small slabs as stepping stones to the whirly in the garden, the grass is still very wet and is turning to mud.

I hope to spend a bit of time with my sewing machine today, I want to get the bidning sewn on the two mats and start another 4 destined for my DD2.

So supper tonight will be haggis, neeps and tatties ( haggis swede and mashed potato) no idea whats for dessert.


We had the most horrendous thunderstorm this afternoon, hailstones and everything.

There was also a bit of excitement in the street, I was sewing when I was aware there appeared to be a traffic jam in the street and I could see what appeared to be a large lorry trying to back up. Indeed it proved to be a Pickfords lorry. The house at the top of the cul de sac at the side of us has had a sold sign on for a number of months. Yesterday we noticed a car and van at the house, sure enough the Pickfords van was going idea where they have come from but a weekend removal will not be cheap......and its raining.

I fetched the laundry in just before it started to rain, almost dry, its finishing off on th airer. First time for a while I have managed to hang clothes out.


  1. What wild and crazy weather you're having and cheers that you managed to get the laundry back indoors before the storm started! It's still not above freezing here so have not been to the library or to get AMIL's Rxs. DH kindly got the snow and ice off of my car so I could save my limited energy for the errands.

    Hope the new neighbors are nice and a boon to the neighborhood. Perhaps even a quilter or gardener will be among the new residents?

    Your baking and meal plans sound delicious but I'll skip the haggis, thank you.


  2. We had that bad thunderstorm too -it's really weird weather isn't it? - as I got on the motorway early on Thursday - there was lots of wet mist (not fog though) which was really bright and the sky was such a funny colour too......roll on spring time xxxx


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