Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hissing down again

Well the rain has arrived, its slinging it down, heaven knows where all this water is going to go..... I feel so sorry for the people who live on the Somerset Levels, they must be tearing their hair out in frustration. So much water still lying and so much still leaking from the sky. 

We were late up, had our usual post haggis breakfast, there is always some left.... bacon, tomato, fried bread and haggis, I heat it up to sizzle in the microwave, so we will not have any lunch but I will cook supper early tonight

Another load of laundry in, it will have to go on the airer.......its sheet and duvet cover day tomorrow and that will have to dry inside as well.

I sewed the binding on the two place mats yesterday and started to quilt the ones for DD2, I need to find some thread to sew the binding down on out mats, looking at the thread I chose in the light its the wrong colour. If the worst comes to the worst I will have to use very light grey which is a neutral colour.

I sat and knitted some more dishcloths last night so I have several in stock now, at least I now know where I can get the cotton from, two shops in the town stock it. I have never come across Boyes before, they do carry a very varied stock including haberdashery. I bought a Sabitier kitchen knife from there, price on the packet £23 I paid £4.99. I will be going back to get a new cooks knife next month.

Fruit loaf on, I was going to do it yesterday but got side tracked, The white loaf I baked was fine so it was the flour that was off on the brown loaf not the yeast. I was so cross I had to throw away 2 bags of wholemeal flour. I re arranged the cupboard I keep the flour in, so its all on the same shelf and the newest flour is to the back, which was how it was in the cupboard in the apartment. When we moved in here everything was in such a stoshie things just got shoved in where they could, its only now I am coming to wipe out the cupboards and re arrange them I am coming across various bits and bobs. I need to spend a day on the contents of the cupboards and get them cleaned and sorted logically.

I also need to sort the freezer to do an audit so I know what meat I need for next month. Yesterdays liver made 6 portions enough for 3 meals so each portion of liver was 13p, I will add either bacon or sausage when we come to have it for supper.

Tonight, roast shoulder of lamb, potato's and parsnips, cauli and calebrese. We did not have a dessert last night, so the last banana cut up in chocolate mousse.


  1. Pouring here too! No.2 son out playing football in it, so have cleared a path to the washing machine for him to put his filthy gear in!!!! A good day for sewing I think! Have a quilt label to do on the embroidery machine, then a bit of quilting on the workhorse machine!! Had a fab day yesterday, did a Machine Embroidery day school with Linda Miller, she is an amazing tutor and we had a great day AND I came home with a FINISHED picture, that I still can't believe I did!!!

  2. Snow started up again this morning, thank goodness the wind has died down, still very cold, -21*C last night and the same forecast for the next few nights also. So tired of all this snow, we haven't had a Winter like this in years and I hope it is a long time before we get another. I worked on my dd2's quilt yesterday and doing the same today.
    You stay dry and I will stay warm.

  3. What an interesting post!

    I usually use neutral thread for stitching binding down and make sure it is a close match to the binding as my running stitch hides in the quilt fabric.

    Finally our temperature is a tad above freezing but there is cloud cover so it feels much colder. Hope it rises to the low 40s*F as forecast so more of the ice will melt. It's still too cold in the sewing room to stay in here for very long. It would be nice if the warming temperatures freed up a frozen valve in the heating so we'd have heat again on the main floor of the house without the cost of the repairman coming or waiting until Wednesday when he's scheduled to be here.



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