Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Has it stopped raining???? No!!

Well another day of hissing rain. I went to Aldi at Loughborough this morning, the number of fields with standing water was horrifying......The river by Cotes Mill was also running very high near the top of the bank.

Managed to spend £48.04 at Aldi, that was with the £5 off voucher from last week. The freezer, fridge and cupboards are now full to bursting, I just have to get fresh fruitt and veg over the next 3 weeks.

DB managed to fall over bringing some of the stuff in from the car, he went over on his right ankle, brilliant!! He has grazed his hand and knee but apart from that seems to be ok. Tomorrow he has his echo, I am not looking forward to it.

Library van due this afternoon, I have a couple of books to go back and also some to collect. 

No sewing today, do not feel like it, am shattered after my trip to Aldi.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, celery and tomato salad with a jacket spud. Fruit and ice cream for dessert.


  1. I used my Aldi voucher at the end of last week and stocked up on toilet rolls, sausages, oven chips, coffee etc. I won't need to buy loo roll for several months now. Sorry DB got hurt; I hope he's okay. Its raining again here in Dover, it never seems to stop for more than a few hours. Let's hope we get a nice, long, sunny summer as compensation. I bet if we do get it nice and hot they'll say we have drought conditions.

  2. DH and I were commiserating recently about how far it is to the floor and what an effort it takes to get back up and we're not that ancient yet.

    So sorry that DB took a tumble but am glad he's not badly hurt.

    We had 4" of snow from late yesterday arvo and overnight but the heater repairman is here so hope we'll have heat in the whole house again soon. At this time, he thinks it's an air-lock and no other malfunction, so that would be cheaper than a major repair. Hope he's right.

    Am going back up stairs to my cozy nest in a spare bedroom where it's warm.


  3. Hope your hubby is ok after his tumble - I've got to go for an echocardigram plus a heart monitor to be fitted for 24 hours tomorrow - is that the same as your hubby is having? Hope you're ok too xxx

  4. From Margie in Toronto
    So sorry to hear about your husband's fall - it's always a bit of a shock when something like that happens.
    The rain must be almost non stop and everyone talks about how grey it is. No doubt you've heard about the freezing cold temperatures we've been getting in Canada & the US - much colder than even we are used to - but at least there has been lots of sunshine so that makes it bearable. We are to get a bit warmer temps by the weekend but then more snow is on the way and that's when it tends to get grey. I'd rather have the sunshine. I hope you aren't in any danger of serious flooding and I hope your garden isn't too badly damaged.


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