Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Goodness Me A Dry Day

No rain this morning, light sky and quite a breeze, a change from the last couple of days, although the rain did give way to sun late yesterday. I have cleaned the laundry basket, it was very muddy from where it got blown away on Monday. Its upside down outside drying off, DB is outt picking up the last of the berries from the catoneaster.

DB went for his INR, it had gone down so he has to go again next week, guess I need to up his green veg for a few days, although he has been eating brussels. I am still trying to get transport to the hospital for my op. If I cannot get it I am cancelling the op. Its not as if its anything important, he just wants to have a look at the inside of my ear. No way am I allowing DB to do two 60 mile round trips.

Pot of lentil soup on the stove, I can eat bread again today. The only time I felt I needed something to eat was last night, so I had half a stick of celery. I could have had dried apricots but do not want to replace carbs with sugar......which is just as bad. I do not take sugar in anything, just have half a teaspoon on my porridge, just cannot take it with salt as DB does. Yukkkkkk.

Supper tonight will be fritatta and salad, fruit bowl is almost empty, so tomorrow when we go into the library I will nip down to the green grocers for some apples and bananas. Doing OK on the veg front. May need a top up next Thursday though. Will open a tin of fruit and put it in jelly for dessert for a couple of nights.

I have managed to arrange lift to and from the hospital it will cost me £32 but thats a heck of a lot cheaper then the taxi chap quoted. So thats sorted!! I have to go next Tuesday afternoon for my pre-op, no problem there we can take the car and do an Aldi shop whilst we are out.


  1. Glad you are able to start drying out. We have had record breaking cold temps here for the past couple of days......-26*C however, when the wind in factored in it feels like -40*C. My area has been lucky as we have not had the snow as other parts of Ontario have had. Schools are closed again today. The salt and sand mixture which is put on the roads won't melt the snow and ice because it is so cold.
    Can you believe it......this coming weekend we could have RAIN... what a bl$%^&y mess that will be.
    Hope you can arrange the necessary transport for your op, that is a long way for OH to drive.

  2. Cheers for a bright sky and a breeze so clear away the blues and dry up the soggy ground!

    I, too, hope you can find reliable transportation for your scheduled procedure or can wait until the weather is warmer.

    Our 21*F high temperature of yesterday is supposed to be 40*F today and on Saturday is forecast to be 70*F if you can imagine that. What is going on??

    I'm not feeling so great today and can tell I won't get much done. Perhaps I can finish taking down the Christmas tree at last.


  3. So glad you got your transportation sorted out, that's one less worry. We are finally above 0degreesC and are supposed to be for the next 5 days. Hope some of the snow melts.

  4. Dear friend, I have been reading your blog for ages and really enjoy it. I have been on warfarin for about seven years now, and I know that vegetables with a high vitamin K content will LOWER you hubbies INR reading. Extra veg is the last thing he should have, especially Brussels sprouts, I knocked them on the head years ago. Sorry to sound like a righteous misery but I do not want your hubby to be ill. Love from Andie xxx


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