Sunday, 12 January 2014

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Following on from yesterdays post, the cupboard under the stairs houses 3 narrow shelves, There are some jars in there and also the bits that go with my Kenwood Chef and Bamix, the Kenwood is also in there along with the steam cleaner and its bits, the tool box, basket with cleaning materials in, the little cleaner I use for the laminate flooring, potato basket and a shoe rack which does double duty for our boots and also also bottles of water and a couple of bottles of Bucks Fizz.  There are also a long and short 'flat mates' which are handy for cleaning down the back of things, the 'Ken Dodd for the ceilings and corners when I am cleaning, and a mop with an extending handle for the kitchen floor. There is room to walk down and get things out from the back, you have to mind your head though. Heaven knows what I would do without this cupboard, so much hidden in there.

A bright morning, but its very cold we had a heavy frost, so the heating is on for a while.

No news from the LL about the fence, half of it is in next doors garden, they do not seem anxious to get rid of it either. so why should I worry.......after all its not my fence.

DS2 is hoping to come sometime this week, I need to take our bed to bits to clean the carpet, the bedroom is rather neat and I cannot just move the bed to get underneath. I knew there was a reason I wanted a metal bedstead!! You can get a hoover under there without having to move it!!

I have the bread maker on and taken some of the sliced christmas turkey out of the freezer, will have it with roast spuds, carrots & cabbage for supper apple and blackberry crumble for dessert, should do us 2 nights.

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  1. Your under stairs cupboard sounds lovely, just the place for all sorts of bits. I had friends who kept their luggage at the low end of such a closet and had the luggage filled with seasonal bedding.

    Are you planning to look for a metal bedstead?

    We have welcome sunshine today so hope some of the bog will dry up. I'd like to get the Christmas boxes out of the house as well as bidding farewell to the Christmas tree. Last night we got the lights off and found the faulty string that caused all the lights to stay off.

    Your dinner, as always, sounds delicious!



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