Friday, 17 January 2014

Denuded Garden

The chap to take down the fencing arrived just before 9am this morning and the job has been completed, and the privit put in

He has, at our request left  up 3 panels which are ok, two next to the house and one right at the top, a wire fence has been put in and he has left two of the fence posts as well. I am going to fix the trellis back on them to take 2 of the clematis. We have also fallen heir to left over privet so DB will put it all along the back fence. The photinia never arrived!!

We bagged some of the old fence posts for DD2 she has a wood burner, so will be able to stack and use them. There is also a pile of kindling

Its a fine morning, cold but dry, had I got laundry it would have dried outside.

Friday clean done whilst DB spent all morning watching (supervising) the work in the garden. The rest of the lentil soup for lunch, fish and chips for OH fish and salad for me for supper. we need to finish up the bananas too.


  1. I hope they were kind to the garden while they were working and it's good news about the clematis. WS xxx

  2. Sounds like it has been a very successful morning. Your new hedge is in place plus spares for the bottom of your garden,and you will still be able to insert some trellis for the clematis, so I'm sure you must both be reasonably happy with the work done. Even DD2 has benefited from the left over wood for her wood burner.
    Fish and chips sounds like just the ticket for dinner tonight too.


  3. Cheers at what was accomplished in the garden and that the old fence panels, two posts, and the kindling will be put to good use rather than ending up in a landfill. I'm so glad your clematis will have good support for its happy climbing, too! Hope the photinia arrive soon if there's any room left for them.

    It's sunny and chilly here but think I almost have the last bits of Christmas put away. Lupus fatigue is a bother because energy is gone all too quickly, but I think I've said that before.

    As always, your menu sounds yummy!


  4. You sounds like me with regards food. I don't always eat what DH has for supper.

  5. Watching or supervising is definitely a 'male' characteristic isn't it? My hubby always has to watch or even get involved whenever we have any work done on the house - at least the hedge is in - I hope the plants are well established so that you do have some privacy whilst it takes and gets going xxx


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