Thursday, 16 January 2014

Busy, Muddy Morning

The clematis are out and potted up, they are going to have to grow on in the pots until next year otherwise they will suffer badly from being moved twice. They were expensive so I cannot risk them dying. DB is taking photos of the garden as it is now. The ground so so muddy and claggy the soles of my boots were caked with mud.

Its quite a pleasant morning, it rained during the night, but the sun is out. According to the weather forecast we are due heavy rain this afternoon. I do not envy the chap coming to dismantle the fence tomorrow. Wonder if he is into mud wrestling???

Yesterday someone posted a comment asking what a hob and extractor were..... In this picture you can see the built in oven and above it the gas hob the door above the hob is the extractor which takes steam from the pans on the hob, the door pulls outwards which activates the fan, the steam is pulled through the extractor unit, ducted along the top of the cupboards to a flap on the outside wall which opens to allow the steam out. I know the door looks like it hides a cupboard but it doesn't.

Built in oven, hob and extractor fan

Pot of lentil soup for lunch, should do us several days. 

DB has just gone for his siesta, so I will be relaxing and reading Zero Waste Home, which was waiting for me on the library van yesterday.

Supper tonight sausage, mash, cabbage and carrots. We have banana's to eat up so banana something for dessert.


  1. I THINK I borrowed Zero Waste home from the library but can't remember a thing about it so maybe I didn't! I shall go and look it up

  2. Sorry you and DB had to pot up so many wonderful plants that were new to your garden last summer. Hope the plants all do well in their new homes.

    We'd call your extractor a "vent-a-hood" or a stove hood.

    This morning we had a dusting of snow, our first of the year and there was about an inch, so it was almost gone by midday.

    We're really enjoying New Tricks! I was able to get seasons 1-4 from the library last week.



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