Friday, 10 January 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr But Bright

We had a frost last night, the sky was very clear when we went to bed. The sun is shining fir to bust but its still very cold.

Sketchy Friday clean done. DB had come in the french doors with his muddy wellingtons, I found mud on the linings to the velvet curtains, so he is banned from coming in that way, back door for now. I managed to get the mud off and also gave the frame of the doors a scrub with some bleach. Signs of mould again, despite wiping them down.

I did sleep better last night DB went straight to sleep when he put his light out and I had taken extra medication, my fibro is playing up, woke a couple of times in the night but went straight off again.

Early lunch (soup) for me, I am going to see my quilting guru this afternoon, its her birthday next week, so a pot of miniature daffs which she can put in the garden once they have flowered and a card.

DB is having fish and chips tonight, I have some lamb from the freezer, will do myslef a salad when I get back. Think dessert will be banana.


  1. We had another dusting of snow overnight, but tomorrow we are going to be is quite a mess as rain and mild temps are expected. Slush and water everywhere I am thinking.

  2. Rain last night and today, but still cold at 34*F this morning and the high expected in the mid-40s*F.

    Cheers for a good night's sleep tho I am sorry to hear your fibro is acting ugly again. I hope it quiets down once more as I know it's a misery to endure.

    Yes, I agree all messy boots need to come in the kitchen door always and forever!! Hope the mold succumbs promptly to your bleach.

    Have finally gotten all of the ornaments off of the Christmas tree - unless I spy another few as I look the tree over.

    Hope you and your guru have lots of fun today!!


  3. Men! Honestly, I do wonder sometimes!!! And I bet DB asked why he had to use the back doo too!!!! Found a 5p on the pavement when I stopped off for my paper this morning, it is working well, so far!! No.2 son bought me a huge pot of daffs that are in bud from the Estate he works on, and then Husband actually suggested fish and chips from the 'chippy' for tea!! I can't remember the last time I didn't have to cook tea, so was well pleased with a night off!!!! Miracles do happen!!! Occasionally!!!!


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