Thursday, 9 January 2014

Another day at the fun factory

Another bad night, DB was fidgiting even when he was asleep, so I went in the guest room, think I am going to be spending a few nights in there.

We were out to catch the bus at 10am and soon in the town. I picked a couple of books in the library and then went off leaving DB to do some research.

I spent £7.50 at the greengrocer and then went into the bank, had to go and get DB to sign some papers. We then got some more nuts for the birds and caught the bus home.

Soup and bread for lunch. DB went for his siesta, I sorted out the supper, macaroni cheese, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad. I did fruit in jelly last night so enough left for dessert tonight.

I fell asleep on the settee for a couple of hours.......hope I can sleep tonight.

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  1. Hope you sleep tonight and in the coming nights, too. As I've learned from dear AMIL, sleeplessness, whatever the cause, robs you of interest in anything, energy to do anything, and patience to tolerate normal things.

    Today has been very tiring and I even slept well last night. When exhausted, my voice gets deeper and I sound like Lauren Bacall. I was there by 4p today but have been reading since then so feel like I've recovered a bit.

    Hope tomorrow is better!



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