Sunday, 19 January 2014

An Early Start

I was awake just after 4am, gave up the ghost at just after 5am showered and dressed, so now have to sit and wait for my lift.

Does not appear to be raining but then who knows, its as dark as pitch outside. Our street lights go off at 1am and come back on around 6am. There has been a  very heavy frost, hope the roads are ok.

So will see you all later...........


  1. Praying everything goes/went well today!


  2. Trust everything goes well today.

  3. Thinking of you, hope all went well.
    Love from Pam in Texas.xx

  4. Hope all went for you today.
    I can not thank you enough for the lovely parcel today. It is really lovely. Thank you very much.

  5. You were first in my thoughts this morning and am wishing you well, start to finished, there and back home again, and a good night's sleep tonight. Hope the doctor had encouraging news for you after the procedure, too.

    Big hugs!


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